Top Tips for Looking Sensational In A Red Prom Dress

Do you have your heart set on a red prom dress? Maybe you’re not quite sure if a red dress fits your style or not, or if you can pull off a red dress. Follow these helpful tips to look sensational in a red prom dress!

What Wearing a Red Dress Means

Red is a positive and warm color that radiates a powerful and strong persona. Wearing a red dress can do wonders for your confidence and is often associated with love and passion.

Will a Red Prom Dress Be Right for You?

If you feel that you are a passionate and strong person, then, yes, a red prom dress will be ideal. Check out by clicking the link to see the range of red dresses.

What About Matching a Red Dress with Your Skin Tone?

The good news is that everybody can wear red, just as long as they choose the right hue for their skin tone.

Cool skin tones – if you have a cool skin tone you have pale, light skin that will go well with pink- and blue-based reds, such as strawberry, crimson, cherry, and ruby.

Warm skin tone – if you have a warm skin tone, you are darker and your skin will work well with bright yellow- and orange-based reds such as maroon, fire red, poppy, and tomato shades.

Should You Choose a Long or Short Red Dress?

Whether you want a long or short red prom dress is a personal preference. No matter what body type and shape you have, you can make both long and short dresses work by picking the perfect accessories and style. It really comes down to factors like if you want to look glamorous (a floor length gown will do the trick) or you plan on dancing all night (a short dress is perfect). You can see the range of long and short prom dresses at reputable online dress stores.

What about the Right Prom Dress Color and Style for Your Body Shape?

Typically, girls with smaller frames look amazing in brighter reds. However, if you’re curvy a darker red or orange/brown red as well as dresses with embellishments and patterns along the hemline and neckline are super flattering.

What Accessories Go Well with a Red Prom Dress?

A prom night is a formal occasion and red prom dresses are sure to make a bold fashion statement all on its own. So, try not to overdo it with too many accessories. Add classic, but simple details to keep your red dress the focal point of your ensemble.

Depending on your personal taste and the details on your dress, you could pair it with gold, silver or even black jewellery and shoes. If you are keen to show off your wild side, you could always choose a piece of jewellery or shoes with a leopard print!

If your gorgeous red prom dress has stones, sequins, or any other kinds of embellishments on it, keep your accessories to a minimum, such as one bracelet and a pair of earrings.

Finally, What about Makeup?

The most amazing makeup looks that complement a red prom dress are pin up girl, silverfish, or smoky styles. Alternatively, go for natural eyes and big, bold red lips!