How to Lose Weight in Time for Christmas


The holiday season is fast approaching, and the time of year when most people start to veer off of their diet track is also here. A lot of people end up gaining weight both before and during the Christmas season, only to regret it after the New Year. So how can you lose weight in time for Christmas so that you can stay slim and stop dealing with unwanted weight gain in December? Keep reading for a few tips to get started.

Start Taking a Weight Loss Supplement
The right weight loss supplement, such as Alli slimming pills will contain powerful yet safe ingredients that are designed to work with your body to boost your metabolism, burn more fat and calories, and give you more energy. Do your research and talk to your doctor about which weight loss products would be best for you so that you can be sure you are going to be taking a product that will work and won’t cause unwanted side effects. Start taking the product from now so that you can lose weight before Christmas rolls around.

Switch to a Primarily Plant-Based Diet
There are a host of benefits that can be derived from following a plant-based diet, but even if you just drastically reduce your intake of animal products (all types of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products), you can enhance your health and lose more weight. Aim to shift your diet so that two thirds of it is plant-based. Focus on consuming whole grains, whole wheat, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, as well as all of the non-dairy options out there and plant-based meat alternatives available. These foods are packed with fibre and protein, as well as vital nutrients to keep your body strong and balanced, and they do not contain any of the fat and cholesterol of animal products, so you will end up losing weight a lot more easily.

Reduce Your Consumption of Alcohol and Sugary Carbohydrates
Sugary carbs like cakes and cookies should be eliminated, or at least dramatically reduced, from your diet if you want to lose weight for Christmas. And the same goes for alcohol. These foods and drinks cause you to ingest extra calories that you don’t really need, and that will lead to unwanted weight gain. Focus instead on consuming foods made of complex carbs for sustained energy, and drink pure water to remain hydrated every day.

Don’t Forget to Exercise
Finally, remember that you can lose even more weight in a shorter span of time if you include plenty of physical activity in your daily life. Aim for a balance between cardiovascular activities like running and strength training routines that incorporate the use of weights like dumbbells. Also, don’t forget to take some time to stretch, so you can do yoga on days that you are not doing high intensity workouts.

If you want to look your best at this year’s holiday parties, follow the tips above so that you can lose weight and feel great.

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