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Don’t Live The Same Year 75 Times and Call It A Life.”  –Robin Sharma

It’s no secret that I love what I do, so I wanted to share a few fun facts about Stella & Dot:

  • 73% of our Stella & Dot field has never done social sales before.
  • 80% of our stylists work another full or part time job.
  • We only have 1 stylist for every 5500 customers!
  • 87% of women surveyed said they’d be interested in a self-employment, working from home job opportunity.

It’s a new year, join me as a stylist and let’s have some FUN! Or share this with someone you think would love it! Hear why from our CEO the original #styleboss Jessica DiLullo Herrin: https://www.facebook.com/stelladot/videos/10158110849720541/

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Reasons to Get a Personal Trainer

Summer Fitness tips that you can't ignore

One of the most important things you have to maintain in your life is your health. It is very easy to get off track and gain a lot of weight, but you have to get yourself back on track to live a healthy and productive live. Trying to get back into shape is a lot easier said than done and in most cases you will need some help to get you over the hump. The best way to get your body back in shape in no time is by finding a personal trainer. Here are a few of the reasons why you need a personal trainer.
Staying Motivated is Key
One of the first things you can gain from getting a personal trainer is a never ending source of motivation. In order to stay on track and get the results you are looking for you will need someone who is there telling you can do it and how to dig deep and attain what you want. The more positivity you are able to bring to this process, the easier you will find it to get the right results from your healthy lifestyle.
Learning About Health and Fitness
Another benefit you will be able to gain when choosing to work with a physical therapist is their knowledge of all things health and fitness related. In order to make a success of your fitness journey, you will have to know what to do. Your trainer will be able to help you work out a diet plan and fitness routine that will be easy to follow. The time and energy you spend developing these things will be more than worth it in the end. Make sure you search around to find a reputable trainer to work with.
There When you Need Them
Another benefit you can gain when using a personal trainer is their level of availability. By choosing to work one on one with a trainer, you will be able to set the times you want to meet. This will allow you to keep the convenience factor at a high and get the workout that you need. Be sure to take some time and do your research to find out which trainer in your area will be bet equipped to handle the needs you have. The time you spend doing this will be well worth it in the end.
When looking for great trainers, be sure to call on bio3 fitness. They have been in the industry for many years and can help you achieve the level of fitness you want. Call them or go to their website for more information.

Review: Quarterly Box by Bianca Jade MizzFIT



I ordered my first Quarterly Box by Bianca Jade MizzFIT; a subscription service curated by influential industry insiders. The subscription service is curated by some very well known influencers in fitness, entertainment, food, music etc. I know of Bianca Jade AKA MizzFIT through her YouTube videos so I was very interested in seeing which health and fitness products she recommends.

The subscription service is $50 every three months (quarterly). Each month has a theme and the theme of this box is Relax, Restore, Rev Up! This is all about what you do post workout which is just as important as what you do during your workout. The first item is one week subscription to Vidergize an online membership site where you can indulge in Pilates or Yoga classes. I am a total yoga lover, I find yoga so relaxing and it helps me feel more balanced. Try it if you haven’t, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. There was also a coupon for 50% off a sports bra from Gym Girl Apparel. I haven’t tried this brand but I can always use a great sports bra and 50% off is a great deal so I’ll probably order one.

As for physical products in the box there’s a Norma Kamali Beauty Solutions Pack: Olive Calcium Linament, Massage Oil and a luscious extra-large bar of natural soap. These products smell delicious and are all natural which is a plus. I’m really trying to move towards an all natural lifestyle and this is a perfect start. You can recognize all the ingredients in the products which is so important! Norma Kamali is known as a “well-preneur” and has a Wellness Cafe is NYC, a true inspiration.

The skin on your lips is an important part of your skin care routine. If you workout often outdoors then you’re already aware that your lips can get chapped in very warm or very cold weather. Bianca Jade uses Treatment by Lanshin balm to keep her lips hydrated and you can get this homemade balm exclusively in the quarterly box.

The box also has a Thermos Filtration Bottle – great for those who refuse to drink tap water (like myself)! I’m always buying water bottles so this is handy for my gym days when I run out of water; I can just fill it up with some tap water. The thermos is pretty tall and hold 20 oz. of water.

If you’ve worked out a little too hard then you may have some muscle strain and cold therapy may be exactly what your body needs. The Thera Pearl Ice Pack can give soothing relief for sore muscles, swelling, sprains etc. The best part of that the Thera Pearl can be used for either cold therapy or hear therapy (just freeze or heat in the microwave).

Now we all know that protein after a workout is essential for muscle growth so this health and fitness box would not be complete with protein bars. We have two Clean, Lean & Sexy Bars: Almond and Cashew. They’re protein-rich, gluten-free, dairy-free and all natural. And if you’re feeling like you need boost after a tough workout there’s a sample of Genesis Pure Energy with wheatgrass to ease fatigue.

I love the Quarterly concept of having professionals curate industry specific boxes with their favorite items along with exclusive products that you won’t find anywhere else. Have you tried Quarterly?

Review: Nike FuelBand SE

Nike FuelBand SE

Fitness is a huge part of my life. I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to improve myself since I’m trying to get more fit. So getting a Nike FuelBand SE was an easy decision. There are several fitness bands on the market but what stood out most for me was the LED display where I can easily check how many calories I’ve burned, the amount of steps taken, the time and several other stats and messages.

Now that I’ve played with my new gadget for a few days I see how addictive it can be -but in a good way!  I set my Nike Fuelband to alert me every hour to get moving. There have been several health reports that sitting for hours can shave years off your life so I feel its important to be active and move as much as possible. Once my alert goes off I stretch or walk around; when I’m at home I do some jumping jacks. It’s amazing how much we sit! I know that many of us work in an office or behind a computer for hours but that is still no excuse not to get moving.

Nike FuelBand SE Review

The Nike+ FuelBand SE has Bluetooth connectivity for continuous syncing to your iPhone which is my one of my other favorite gadgets. It also allows social connectivity with other Nike+ users. You can also publish your stats to Twitter or Facebook if you want to show off a bit. ;)

The Nike+ FuelBand SE  measures all your movements and translates them into points. You can earn “trophies” which is inspiring for anyone into a  little friendly competition. The fitness band tracks activities, such as runs, bicycle rides, soccer games, yoga and sleep. When you reach your goal, the LED lights illuminates and a message pops up to congratulate you.

I’m loving mine so far and if you’re into fitness and (I hope you are )then getting a fitness band just makes sense. Getting (and staying) in shape is not easy and this particular fitness gadget gives me a little more motivation to keep moving, inspiration to reach a new goal and a congratulation for my hard-earned workout.

5 Summer Fitness Tips You Can’t Ignore!

Summer Fitness tips that you can't ignore

The summer has officially started, and that means it’s time to start focus on looking your best! Shaping up for summer is a pretty common goal, as we all like to try our hardest to look toned, thin, healthy and happy when it’s warm and sunny outside. However, preparing for the season isn’t enough – it’s also important to keep up your fitness efforts as the summer progresses! Whether your summer consists of hanging out at home, taking trips to a great beach, or even a vacation at a high-class destination like the ARIA in Las Vegas, you’ll want to keep looking your fittest and healthiest. So here are 5 good tips for keeping extra weight and flab off.

1. Eat Breakfast

Alright, so you’ve probably heard this one before in more than one fitness tips article. The reason? It works! Breakfast helps you to keep extra pounds off in a few different ways. To begin with, a small nutritional breakfast keeps you from being inordinately hungry come lunchtime, and helps you to avoid large portions and unhealthy snacks. Additionally, breakfast gives you an energy boost, which can make you more inclined to stay active. Finally, putting something in your stomach early also helps to boost your metabolism, meaning you’ll burn calories more efficiently.

2. Implement Resistance Training

Staying in shape isn’t just about cardio exercise – resistance training is crucial as well. Lifting weights not only helps to keep your muscles toned and shapely, but also fires up your metabolism like nothing else. In the 48 hours following a weight training session, your body is a calorie-burning machine.

3. Vary Your Cardio

Increasingly, trainers and fitness professionals caution against constant distance running for exercise. Running is an efficient way to burn calories, but try to vary your cardio routines. Keep your body guessing by working in cycling and swimming, or even activities like jumping jacks or jump rope. Try running in short, speedy bursts some days, instead of always in methodical long-distance stretches.

4. Find Fun Exercise

The best way to keep those extra pounds off during the summer is to find fun ways to get exercise. It might mean playing a sport outside with friends, or even riding the waves at the beach. Whatever the case, summer begs for outdoor activity, and staying active outside keeps you from needing boring ordinary exercise.

5. Stay Hydrated

Finally, try to drink a bit more water than usual this summer. It’s easier to get dehydrated in warm or dry summer climates, and dehydration keeps you inactive and lazy. Keeping yourself properly hydrated is essentially like keeping yourself fueled – happy, active, and comfortable.


Review: 21 drops Essential Oil Therapy

natural pain relief therapy 21 drops

If you’ve ever hit the gym a little too hard then you know well the regret that you feel the next day when you can barely walk. Your legs feel as heavy as lead and even crossings your legs can require assistance. Well that’s how I felt this week after a strenuous workout at Equinox. I spent a little too much time on the leg press machine and stairmaster and I was seriously paying the price.

Since I usually prefer natural remedies, I decided to try 21 drops Pain Relief ($29). 21 drops concocts 100% natural, essential oil blends to soothe just about anything that ails you.

Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Rhizome Oil, Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Resin Oil, Juniperus Communis (Juniper) Fruit Oil, Helichrysum Italicum (Helichrysum) Flower Oil, Limonene, Geraniol, and Linalool.

This treatment is packaged in a small air tight bottle with a roller-ball application; which is excellent for travel. The unique blend of oils helps to increase circulation while improving inflammation and relieving muscle tension. My muscles can get very knotted especially when I go a little too hard at the gym so when I reached for 21 drops I was happy to report that this natural remedy alleviated some of the pain.

How to use 21 drops pain relief:

Roll balm onto temples, inside of wrists, and the sides of your neck which allows for immediate absorption. You can also roll directly onto your area of concern; which is what I did. It’s also helpful to apply frequently throughout the day.
Overall I was happy with how 21 drops pain relief helped to soothe my achy muscles. While it didn’t take away all the soreness (only another workout or rest could) it definitely helped with the tension and achiness. It’s very easy to use and the rollerball applicator allows for a mess-free application. The oil has a very pleasant and uplifting scent and the formula is gentle on the skin.
Have you tried any of the 21 drops essential oils?

Hightlights from the Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet: #FitBlogNYC

Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet and Tweet - #FitBlogNYC

Thanks to Fitness Magazine, myself and several other health and fitness bloggers were invited to their Meet and Tweet event. The event was held at the beautiful Mercedes Club in New York City. The event was sponsored by Athleta, Camelbak, Crystal Light, Marmot, Reebok, Saucony, Smart Balance, Tonalin and Vichy.

The day started off with an into by Fitness Magazine editor Betty Wong and it only got better from there. The first panel; was Insider Beauty Secret to Get You Glowing, hosted by Fitness Magazine Beauty Director, Heather Muir and Executive Director of Global Artistry at Stila Cosmetics, Sarah Lucerno. This was one of my favorite panels because Sarah not only shared some of her fabulous beauty tips but she also shared a personal story about her cancer recovery and how fitness helped her through it.

Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet and Tweet panel

Sarah share one of her inside secrets that she uses on her clients lick wearing the same color tone on cheeks AND lips. She also suggested that we make sure that our makeup has a purpose: “don’t slap on random makeup”.

Some of the other panels included health tips from Dr. J Ashton and celebrity chef, Rocco Dispirito.

Rocco Dispirito at Fitness Magazine #FITBLOGNYC Meet and Tweet by Fitness Magazine

Rocco Dispirito is a celebrity check and author of “Now Eat This! Italian”. Rocco’s new cookbook recreates healthier versions of popular Italian dishes inspired by a trip to Italy where he learned many tips from Italian “mamas”. There’s even a few vegetarian recipes in there, so I’ll definitely have to pick it up!

For lunch there were many healthy options but not many vegetarian or vegan options, so I opted for the Kale salad and smoothie. Hale to Kale, yum!

Vegan Kale Salad

And my tweets made it to the big screen. Hello!

Tweets from Fitness Magazine Meet & tweet

We also received some lovely gifts from some of the sponsors and I took home two new pairs of sneakers from Saucony and Reebok, thanks guys! These new sneakers will certainly be put to good use. :)

Saucony and Reebok sneakers from Fitness Magazine

I’d have to say that this was absolutely one of my favorite blogger events. The speakers were funny and insightful and I met several bloggers (and found new blogs to read)! At the end of the event I was inspired to continue my 30-day Fitness Challenge and to continue to eat better. I, like many women struggle with working out and eating healthy and this Meet & Tweet gave me the inspiration that I needed to continue to improve my health. Fitness and healthy eating does not have to be a struggle, it can be fun and exciting with the right tools, recipes and motivation. Thank you Fitness Magazine!

Join the GridIron Workout 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

The FREE Gridiron 30 day fitness challenge

Are you trying to get fit for summer? Well I have the PERFECT fitness solution for you! The GridIron 30 Day Fitness Challenge – free online program that challenges hundreds around the nation to live happier, healthier lives. The GridIron Specialists have developed a challenging program to help you kick-start, tone-up, or fine tune your SUMMER BODY. Regardless of your fitness level (Rookie, Starter, or All Star) make it a goal to FINISH everyday. The Purpose is to help you become the best you: physically, mentally and emotionally. If you want results, you’re in the right place.

We kickoff on Monday, May 13th. Here’s some important information that will help you prepare.

Do You Want The Best Results?

I’m sure that may sound like a rhetorical question, but it’s valid, nonetheless. If you want the best results, you must follow the rules. Print (or save) this email for future reference.

This isn’t a fad diet or a quick weight loss scheme, this is the GridIron Workout 30 Day Fitness Challenge. The operative word here is Challenge. This Challenge will help you become the best you, physically, mentally and emotionally, if you make a commitment to stay on the right path. That means you need commit to:

*Completing each work out,

*Finishing the whole 30 DAYS and

*Holding yourself accountable to following the rules.

8 Rules to Getting the Most Out of Your 30 Day Fitness Challenge

1. No Alcohol. Liquor. Beer. Adult beverages. Whatever you want to call it. You must abstain.

2. No fried foods. Yes, that includes Chik-Fil-A, waffle fries and BK onion rings.

3. No fast food. NONE.

4. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water daily.

5. Keep a daily food journal of everything that you eat.

6. Commit to eating clean. Planning your meals and workouts in advance are vital to your success.

7. Salads are OK, but we prefer you plan your meals and don’t make last-minute decisions! And absolutely no crispy chicken on top!

8. We are all one team that is in this together, so take weekly pictures post them on our FACEBOOK PAGE and support your teammates!

For some people, that may be a lot to ask. While we won’t give you a pass, we will give you a little leeway. You get 4 cheat days for the entire Challenge (Don’t be that guy or girl that takes all 4 cheats at once!).

Help spread the word to your friends/family. Make sure they SIGN UP so we can grow this movement from hundreds to thousands worldwide!


Fit To Be Beautiful: Teeki Activewear

One of the many reasons why I envy you Americans.

The first time I spotted these Teeki Activewear pants on one of my favorite yoga instructor based in LA (the always stylish Kathryn Budig), I literally swooned. Finally, prints done right. On yoga clothes, no doubt.  Even better, made out of recycled water bottles,  so I’m justified that buying these relatively affordable pants (compared to lululemon).  

Once I started to peruse through their online website, I knew that by the end, not only will I have a full cart, I’ll also be in for a rude awakening once my credit card bill arrives next month. How I almost wished I lived in America so I wouldn’t have to pay extra for shipping!  But one cannot help oneself, I mean how can you resist beautiful and unique designs that you could not find anywhere else  (especially in Canada…yes, I am a terrible Canadian!)?

“Northern Lights” design. Another fave and “must own”.

Another note on the design, not only is it visually stunning, but also capture the essence of nature.  I can truly appreciate the designer’s creativity behind the images she manages to portray onto the canvas of activewear, and to have it made my recycled water bottles not only piqued my interest in the brand, but also branch out from the usual mass-produced yoga wear like lululemon and to seek out alternative brands that still make their clothes in-house and use sustainable materials for their clothes.  

So if you need something to inspire you to maintain an active lifestyle during the holiday season (which, by the way, we tend to use as an excuse to slide ;) ), then check out teekishop.com

Fitness: Winter Motivation

December is here! The snow is upon us, holidays are around the corner, the festive decorations are up, party planning is in effect. With all the craziness going on throughout the winter such as shopping, drinks, sweets, holiday and office parties, I lose time for something so important to me: exercise. With so much happening, I lose all desire and motivation for exercise and being active. The cold winter leaves me wanting to stay wrapped in comfy sweaters, drinking warm lattes, and curling up in bed with a good book. I mean, really, if I have those things, WHY would i want to be at the gym? Spinning? No thanks, I’ll just lay here eating unhealthy.

This year, I am going to find the motivation to not quit. Getting to the gym, trying out different classes, eating healthy; these are the things that are important to me all year long. Why do we let ourselves become lazy and unmotivated? Why wait until the New Year for motivation? Let’s do it now!

I have compiled a list for myself, of things to keep in mind during these next few months for motivation and inspiration. Yes, it’s winter, but that’s no excuse to give exercise the cold shoulder!

Here are a few things that will keep me ambitious during the snowy months of the year instead of laying in a slump with a box of cookies:

  • Splurge on a new pair of running sneakers to show off at the gym.
  • Try out different classes the gym has to offer. This is mixing up my work out routine and will keep my body guessing.
  • Write on my desk calendar, or in my phone, the time I will be exercising so i feel committed to going. Because it’s already written down.
  • Keep my gym buddy on a similar schedule as me, so we don’t let each other fall behind.
  • Make a new playlist on my iPod. There’s nothing like upbeat tempos and motivational lyrics to get me going!
  • Set an alarm on my cell phone every day for exercise, this constant reminder will keep me committed and not bail.
  • Tape a photo on the refrigerator, of myself when I looked my best, or a celebrity body I dream of having.
  • Make small goals for myself weekly. Example: If I go to the gym every day this week, I will reward myself with a small gift. (a manicure, magazine, new lipstick!)


With the cold weather making it harder to leave the comfort of our warm homes, what keeps you motivated during the winter months?