Valentine’s Day Style

Valentine's Day Outfit

Valentine’s Day is next week and it is not too late to plan your date night outfit. I adore a feminine, flirty dress for nights out on the town paired with chic, stylish jewelry.

Jacqueline Tassel Lariat, ($69.00) – Classic lariat style with a geometric adjustable sliding detail and trendy chain tassels. Play with different lengths to fit your individual style. Vintage Gold Finish.

Covet Waverly Bag, ($228) – An iconic Stella & Dot style now in luxurious, soft stone leather. Custom hardware with hand wrapped leather tassel. Adjustable strap length, and convenient versatility to be worn four ways. Wear with strap attached and bag folded to display beautiful hardware details or with a minimal exterior. Next expand and attach strap at top of bag for added room and lastly, remove strap for an evening clutch. Custom jacquard lining with signature lurex detailing. Top zip closure, one large exterior zip pocket, and two diagonal zip pockets.

Ansley Cuff, ($44) – Hand set pave set in semi shiny gold forms a stunning open malleable cuff. Semi Shiny Gold Finish.

Illusive Hoop Earring, ($34) – Delicate chain drapes between two semi shiny gold hoops. The perfect balance between simple and statement.Semi Shiny Gold Finish.

Wishing Bracelet – Protective Eye, ($19) – Strength, positivity, and protection. A protective eye charm hangs from a hand braided gold and silver thread with a semi-shiny gold bar and a touch of sparkle. Semi Shiny Gold and Shiny Gold Plating.


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Chic Holiday Gifts Under $100

Last minute holiday shopping


It’s not too late to get your holiday gift shopping done -in a stylish way. Stella & Dot has some amazingly chic gifts that you or the lady in your life will love.

Here are my top 5 pics:

City Slim Clutch Pewter Exotic ($59)  – Grab this envelope clutch to complement a cocktail dress, or keep it easy and wear cross body by adding our Versatile Chain in silver that also doubles as a necklace! Toss in your cash, cards and lip gloss and you’re ready for a chic night out.

Fontaine Cuff ($69) – Delicate hand-set micro pave inlaid on an intricate geometric gunmetal design. Bold yet delicate.

Renegade Cluster Bracelet ($59) – White bronze or gold plated spikes and black diamond pave beads adorn this Renegade cluster studded bracelet. Mix, match, and stack it with other bracelets to create your favorite combination. Gold colorway as seen on singer Katy Perry.

Rebel Pendant –  A hinged shiny silver or gold plated prism of brass swings from a silver or gold plated delicate brass chain. Available silver and gold.

Reversible Crossover Scarf  ($69) – Black Cable Knit- Three-way versatility makes this scarf the perfect winter accessory. Custom solid black, cable knit pattern reverses to soft and cozy grey faux fur. Pull through slit functionality to adjust loop, as well as hook-and-eye to wear as a shawl.

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Top Tips for Looking Sensational In A Red Prom Dress

Do you have your heart set on a red prom dress? Maybe you’re not quite sure if a red dress fits your style or not, or if you can pull off a red dress. Follow these helpful tips to look sensational in a red prom dress!

What Wearing a Red Dress Means

Red is a positive and warm color that radiates a powerful and strong persona. Wearing a red dress can do wonders for your confidence and is often associated with love and passion.

Will a Red Prom Dress Be Right for You?

If you feel that you are a passionate and strong person, then, yes, a red prom dress will be ideal. Check out by clicking the link to see the range of red dresses.

What About Matching a Red Dress with Your Skin Tone?

The good news is that everybody can wear red, just as long as they choose the right hue for their skin tone.

Cool skin tones – if you have a cool skin tone you have pale, light skin that will go well with pink- and blue-based reds, such as strawberry, crimson, cherry, and ruby.

Warm skin tone – if you have a warm skin tone, you are darker and your skin will work well with bright yellow- and orange-based reds such as maroon, fire red, poppy, and tomato shades.

Should You Choose a Long or Short Red Dress?

Whether you want a long or short red prom dress is a personal preference. No matter what body type and shape you have, you can make both long and short dresses work by picking the perfect accessories and style. It really comes down to factors like if you want to look glamorous (a floor length gown will do the trick) or you plan on dancing all night (a short dress is perfect). You can see the range of long and short prom dresses at reputable online dress stores.

What about the Right Prom Dress Color and Style for Your Body Shape?

Typically, girls with smaller frames look amazing in brighter reds. However, if you’re curvy a darker red or orange/brown red as well as dresses with embellishments and patterns along the hemline and neckline are super flattering.

What Accessories Go Well with a Red Prom Dress?

A prom night is a formal occasion and red prom dresses are sure to make a bold fashion statement all on its own. So, try not to overdo it with too many accessories. Add classic, but simple details to keep your red dress the focal point of your ensemble.

Depending on your personal taste and the details on your dress, you could pair it with gold, silver or even black jewellery and shoes. If you are keen to show off your wild side, you could always choose a piece of jewellery or shoes with a leopard print!

If your gorgeous red prom dress has stones, sequins, or any other kinds of embellishments on it, keep your accessories to a minimum, such as one bracelet and a pair of earrings.

Finally, What about Makeup?

The most amazing makeup looks that complement a red prom dress are pin up girl, silverfish, or smoky styles. Alternatively, go for natural eyes and big, bold red lips!

How to Accessorize a First Date Outfit

2013 Spring Fashion Trends

First impressions count. What you wear on a first date is important, yet so many women (and men) are clueless about the art of dressing to impress. Here is a quick guide to choosing an appropriate outfit and selecting the right accessories for an extra ‘wow’ factor. Hopefully, if you make the right impression, you can look forward to date two. Assuming you want to see the person again of course!

Subtle Yet Stylish

A first date is not the time to wear your most outrageous outfit – unless you are dating someone of a very similar persuasion. Standing out is good, especially if you are meeting a date in a busy public area, but standing out for all the wrong reasons is not good.

Think sexy, but stylish and understated. Very short skirts and low cut tops are best avoided, as these tend to create the wrong impression on a date. It is also inadvisable to wear an outfit you might choose for a job interview, as again, it creates the wrong impression.

Dressing for the Event

Hopefully you have planned the date in advance and you know exactly where you are going. Most first dates take place in a coffee shop, café, bar or restaurant. You can therefore get away with wearing something fairly casual. However, if your date is whisking you off to the opera for the evening, clearly a pair of jeans is going to be a bad look, so be sure to check and dress appropriately.

Low Key Date Outfits

Low-key outfits include jeans and a shirt, a pretty summer dress or a casual skirt and long-sleeve sweater. This type of outfit is perfect for a first date in a casual venue. You will feel comfortable and it won’t offend anyone if you decide to head to a restaurant for food.

Accessorizing an Outfit

Accessorizing an outfit is a great way to add interest to an ordinarily bland set of separates. You can use accessories to give a date insight into your personality, so be experimental and don’t be afraid of trying something different.

  • Jewelry is an easy way to accessories a casual outfit. For example, pick up some cute gold brooches from an antique market and pin one to your jacket. Statement necklaces and earrings are ideal for dates. Use a statement necklace to bring a little black dress to life or throw on some bangles to draw attention to a shapely wrist. Ankle bracelets work well in the summer – clasp a thin gold chain around your ankle and show off your shapely legs.
  • Shoes can make or break an outfit, so choose your shoes carefully. Heels are always a good choice for a date. High heels are sexy and enhance your best features, but you have to be comfortable wearing heels. Teetering around on a pair of heels, looking as if you have one too many glasses of wine, is not a good look. If this sounds like you, stick to kitten heels or wear a pair of flats.

Boots are another good choice. Sexy boots look great with a fitted dress or skinny jeans. Just be sure to stay     away from Ugg boots, as most men think they are a huge turn-off and your sex appeal will be instantly diminished if you show up wearing Uggs.

  • Scarves are a fun way to dress up an outfit. Decorative scarves come in all shapes and sizes, from neck scarves to shawls, so pick a scarf that best fits your personality. You can wear a scarf any way you like: around your neck, as a belt, or even on your head.
  • Sunglasses are essential for a summer date. Picture yourself sitting outside a trendy coffee shop, sipping a tasty cappuccino and squinting in the sun as your date tries to make conversation. It’s not a good look, is it? Instead, picture yourself wearing some sexy designer shades. You will appear enigmatic and cool as a cucumber. It is also a good way of hiding your boredom if the date is like watching paint dry.
  • Hats are hard to pull off, but if worn well, a funky hat works well with a bohemian outfit. A wide brimmed hat with a scarf will dress up a long maxi dress perfectly, but it is probably best to skip the baseball hat unless you want to appear super casual.

First dates are an opportunity to make a connection and decide whether (or not) there is any chemistry with your date. If there isn’t any chemistry, say goodbye and head off into the sunset, but if the sparks are flying, start planning your outfit for date two.

The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Gifts

The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Gifts

Take a trip north of the border and sweeping glens, soaring mountains, and mile upon mile of purple heather will instantly beguile you. Scotland is vast, windswept, desolate, and extraordinarily beautiful. For centuries, people have eked out a living, battling against the combined forces of nature and English tyrants to make a home for their families.

The Scottish people are proud of their roots and welcome visitors with open arms. Take a trip to Edinburgh, Glasgow, or deep into the Highlands and islands, and you can expect to see amazing sights. There will also be plenty of opportunities to buy gifts for friends and family along the way.

So what gifts should you look out for on a trip to Scotland this year?

Tartan and Tweed

Scotland is famous for its tartan and tweed fabrics. You will see tartan everywhere and there are an enormous number of different products made from traditional Scottish tartans and tweeds, including scarves, clothing, bags, and of course kilts.

Tartan is a distinctive woven cloth. It actually originated in Ireland, but the Scots introduced it to Scotland when they moved there to found a new kingdom. Back in the 15th and 16th centuries, different clans had their own distinctive tartan, which caused some alarm amongst English troops when they faced a horde of Scottish clansmen wearing brightly colored plaid. After the ill-fated Battle of Culloden, the Scots were banned from wearing tartan, but this ban was eventually lifted and today you can wear (and buy) tartan everywhere.

There are over 3,500 different tartan designs, so if you have any family links to clans in Scotland, there will be a tartan for you.


The Scottish diet is not known for being healthy – deep fried mars bars caused a sensation in the 1980s – but if you want to sample some of the local cuisine, try haggis or ‘neeps and tatties’.

Haggis is made from lamb, beef, onions, oats and spices. It is extremely tasty and likely to be on the menu of most pubs and restaurants in Scotland. You can even order a vegetarian version if you don’t eat meat, which replaces the lamb and beef with vegetables, pulses and seeds.

Everyone has their own recipe for haggis, usually one that has been passed down through the ages, but most are delicious. Haggis is traditionally served with neeps and tatties, which is turnip or swede and potato, boiled and mashed. Try some and if you love it, buy a haggis and take it home.


Traditional Scottish shortbread is common throughout Scotland and elsewhere. Much commercially produced shortbread is not made in Scotland, so it is a good idea to check before you buy. You are more likely to find locally produced shortbread made to a traditional recipe if you buy from non-touristy shops in the Highland and islands, so shop around.

Scottish Whiskey

Scottish whiskey is revered throughout the world. There are many different regional distinctions in the different brands of Scottish whiskey. Whiskey distilleries abound throughout Scotland, so include a visit to at least one so you can see how whiskey is made.

Blended whiskeys such as Johnnie Walker are enduringly popular, but for a really special gift, look out for a quality single malt. There are many to choose from, each with own distinctive flavor. A really good 25-Year-old single malt will set you back a lot of money, so try before you buy.

Scottish Clan History

We all come from somewhere and anyone with links to Scotland will find a Scottish clan history extremely interesting. They normally include historical information dating back to the 1100s, including the tartan, Gaelic name, clan seat and clan chief associated with your surname. It’s a great gift, for yourself or someone else. Have it printed and hang it on your wall at home.

Arts, Crafts and Jewelry

Arts and crafts are readily available throughout Scotland. Look out for Celtic silver jewelry especially in the Highlands and islands. Many artisans have their own workshops where you can see them hard at work. This is your opportunity to learn more about their craft and the things that inspire them. Pick up some handcrafted pieces as a gift and the recipient will be delighted.

There will be no shortage of Scottish gifts to choose from. A trip to Loch Ness is likely to yield any number of products with a Loch Ness Monster theme, which kids will love of course. However, buy wisely and look for products produced locally, as these support the local economy.

Don’t be a Cinderella – How to Have the Right Pair of Shoes for Every Occasion

Don’t be a Cinderella – How to Have the Right Pair of Shoes for Every Occasion

Shoes make or break an outfit. Celebrities might get away with wearing an old pair of Vans with a couture gown on the red carpet, but the rest of us would be torn apart for such a disastrous fashion fail. You can always be creative with your footwear choices and rules are meant to be broken, but there are some instances where you can’t afford to wear the wrong shoes.

All women need a selection of different shoes in their closet. The more shoes you have, the more fashion choices you can make. After all, it’s good to have a pair of shoes in every color and style; that way you don’t have to wear the same pair twice. Unfortunately, we don’t all have A-list incomes or a closet large enough to store hundreds of pairs of shoes, so it is important to be selective about what shoes you buy. Therefore, if you are shopping on a budget, here is a selection of the shoes every women needs in their closet – if you have these, you will be ready for any occasion!

Comfortable Flats

Flat shoes are the staple of most women’s closets. Flat shoes will take you anywhere and everywhere, from a casual date to a work luncheon, and most places in between. You can wear comfortable flat shoes with a skinny pair of jeans for a weekend shopping trip with the girls, or dress them up a little with a cute summer dress.

Because they are flat, this type of shoe is easy to wear and your feet won’t feel like they are dropping off after a couple of hours. Many women choose to wear flat shoes for the office, because they are dressy enough if you pick the right style, but no too ostentatiously sexy if you prefer to get ahead based on your ability rather than your looks.

Trendy Sneakers

Once upon a time, sneakers were worn to the gym, but rarely anywhere else. Things have now changed a great deal and most people have multiple pairs of sneakers: gym sneakers, casual sneakers, and fashion sneakers to name but three. Really, unless you have a gym junkie, one pair will do just fine, so make sure your one and only pair counts.

Designer sneakers are all the rage. There are lots of designer brands to choose from, but if you prefer ultra-casual sneakers, go for Vans or Converse. However, if you want a more robust form of footwear, look for something akin to a training shoe instead.

Sexy Pair of High Heels

If you want to impress the man in your life (or the man you want in your life), a sexy pair of stiletto shoes might just do the trick. There is a reason why women look good in towering stilettoes. By virtue of the way stiletto shoes change out posture, they make our legs look more shapely, our butts look pert, and our breasts more prominent. It’s not difficult to see why men like women who wear them.

Unfortunately, super high stiletto shoes can be torturous to wear if you are not used to them, so don’t buy a pair that are too high. Instead, look for a pair of stilettoes with a mid-height heel and invest in some soft-gel inserts to protect your feet. These will save you a lot of pain at the end of an evening out.

Cute Pair of Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are easier to wear than towering stiletto shoes, but are still sexy enough to work on a date or fancy work function. Black works well with virtually every outfit, but white shoes also look pretty when worn with summer outfits.

Winter Boots

Winter boots are always a good investment. Knee-high leather boots can be worn with skinny jeans, a mini skirt, or a dress. They are very versatile and if you buy the right pair of boots, you can get away with wearing them to the office or on a date. Flat boots are better for bad weather conditions, but if you want to dress to impress, go for a sexy pair of boots with heels.

Summer Sandals

Lastly, don’t forget to invest in a pair of summer sandals. Styles vary from season to season, but gladiator sandals rarely go out of fashion and always look good with most outfits.

You can buy footwear online if you look at internet retailers, but remember to check the sizing guide before you make any purchases, because these vary between di

The Top Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

Ruffian Spring Summer 2014
Image Credit:

This spring is set to have some of the best fashion trends yet, with many continuing over from last year’s top trends. Already, fashion designers have been working hard on bringing out new spring lines, and amongst the top looks this spring we can find classics such as floral prints, lace and denim – all perfect for the warmer weather and freshly bloomed flowers. If you’re planning on buying a new spring wardrobe and need to know which the best things to buy are in order to make sure that your outfits are all on point, we’ve put together a round-up of the best fashion trends for the season.

Floral Prints

Floral prints may have seen a bit of a decline recently, but they’re back with a bang for this spring. From bold, stand-out prints to smaller, delicate prints, anything with a flower-based pattern on will look perfect in your spring wardrobe. The best thing about floral prints is that they can look great paired with almost anything – floral blouses can be paired with smart trousers for work, or you can dress them down with jeans and flats for a more casual look. Floral shirt dresses are also expected to be big this spring – the perfect garment for those days when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold.


Denim clothing items have been big in recent seasons, and this popular trend doesn’t seem set to go anywhere this spring. Blue jeans are definitely huge this season, which is great as they are one of the most versatile items of women’s clothing that a girl can own. The best thing about denim is that it’s an age old fashion trend that seems to always be incorporated into different fashion trends no matter what the season, so we’ve all got jeans, denim shirts and denim jackets lying around in our closets just waiting to be dusted off and worn this spring.


Suede and suede-look dresses, tops and jackets were huge last spring and summer – and this trend is making a comeback this spring as well. Maroon and dark yellow colors are amongst the most popular this season when it comes to suede clothing items, along with natural suede colors such as browns and beige. Suede is a great fabric for summer as it’s not too thick so doesn’t make you really warm, but it’s also not so thin that you’re freezing on rainy or cloudy spring days.


White, lacy garments are undoubtedly feminine, and if you’re the type who likes to dress in girly outfits then you’ll be happy to hear that lace is set to make a huge comeback this spring. Whether it is lace hems on white jeans, smock tops with lace trims, vest tops with lace backs or dresses with a lace skirt, this material is definitely the one to watch this spring. Wear black lace on a night out for a feminine and glamorous look, or pair white lace with a brown suede jacket and blue jeans for a fresh spring look.

Cold Shoulders

Open and off-the-shoulder necklines have definitely had their moment, but this season it is all about the cold shoulder. Cut-outs that are designed specifically to highlight just the shoulders are a lot easier to wear than off-the-shoulder necklines, as they have a similar effect whilst still allowing you to hide your bra straps – no more need to worry about staying together in a strapless bra!

White Shirts

When it comes to work attire, it’s all about the simple white shirts this season. Once something that was only worn by the boys, white button-down shirts are becoming more and more feminine and are the perfect, simple top for an elegant and professional work outfit. The best thing about basic white shirts is that they are really versatile – whether you pair it with a sleek black pant suit or jeans and a cardigan, they fit in perfectly.


Spring is a weird season – it’s not warm enough for summer dresses and tank tops, but it’s getting too warm for your winter clothes. But, light knit wear is still a firm favorite when it comes to spring fashion trends, especially in light and pastel colors. Lightweight knits make the perfect accompaniment to any spring outfit, and it’s always handy to have one around if the weather takes a turn for the chilly.

Which are your favorite fashion trends for this spring? We’d love to hear from you – leave your best style tips in the comments.

How Popular Culture Has Shaped Our Sex Lives

Pop Culture

Over the past fifty years, popular culture has done a lot to shape our ideas of sex and has had a huge impact on our own, personal sex lives. The media has shaped our views and attitudes to sex in a range of different forms, with the internet, books, movies and television all having a part to play. The media has also played a significant part on the way that we view ourselves sexually, with media role models and ‘sex symbols’ setting the standard by which many people measure themselves.

Celebrities and Sex

Fifty years ago, the idea of a celebrity releasing a sex tape would have been an event met with much shock and even disgust, and most likely hidden away as a scandal never to be spoken of again. However, popular culture has changed people’s views on sex, meaning that society as a whole is more accepting of sex tapes and celebrities being open about aspects of their sex lives. In general, popular culture over the years has taught us that sex is a normal part of life and nothing to be ashamed of. Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, and Paris Hilton are amongst celebrities who became even more famous due to a sex tape.

Romantic Fiction

Books have played a huge part in shaping our views on sex over the years. Romantic fiction has always been popular, and have been devoured by women everywhere for decades. Over the years, romantic fiction has become more and more explicit, with the recent Fifty Shades of Grey books being hugely popular with both women and men everywhere. Although the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy received some criticisms for being too sexual and has even been referred to as a controlling and violent relationship, there is no doubt that these books changed the way many people see BDSM and dominant/submissive sex – in fact, many readers wanted to give it a try with their partners.

The Internet

The development of the internet over the past twenty-five years has changed our outlook on a number of different things, with sex definitely being one of them. Thanks to the internet there is a lot more information about sex widely available online, information which regular people may have not been able to access beforehand. Not only does the internet serve to educate us about better sex, it has also been useful to many young people by providing them with access to information about sexually transmitted diseases and how to practice safe sex. The internet has also caused an increase in the amount of people using sex toys in order to enhance their sex lives and experiences, thanks to adult stores such as EdenFantasys taking away the need to walk into a physical sex shop to buy items such as sex toys and lubricants – something which is still embarrassing for some.

There is no doubt that popular culture has had and is still having a huge impact on our sex lives, with much of this impact being positive thanks to access to more information.

New York Fashion Week: Josie Natori S/S 16

New York Fashion Week Josie Natori

Fashion can invoke a feeling when you wear it or see it. A good designer or design team understands that and plays to that feeling be it sexy, pretty, professional relaxed or in the case of Josie Natori, elegant.

Born Josephina Almeda Cruz, she credits her entrepreneurial nature to the matriarchal society she grew up in along with the support of her close-knit Filipino family. “Women are encouraged to be entrepreneurs,” says Natori of her home country, the Philippines. “My grandmother always said, ‘Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to depend on anyone.” It seemed like serendipity when the very place she grew up, the place that instilled her with the motivation to become an entrepreneur, was also the inspiration for what turned into a successful lingerie collection; a hand embroidered Filipino blouse. Using an Asian aesthetic, Natori was able to build a distinct brand, melding the visual appeals of both the East and the West.

New York Fashion Week Josie Natori

This year’s evening collection is inspired by Asian paintings. The bold brushstrokes are invigorating, the canny, contrasting colors captures the energy of the pieces. The plum blossoms signal spring. The World of Natori uses the finest materials and the most intricate hand-forged embellishments in sexy silhouettes, kimono vests, A-line mini dress, strapless tunics and so much more.

New York Fashion Week Josie Natori

She accessorized with artisanal jewelry that referenced the natural world. While hammered-metal earrings and cuffs rendered as flowers.

This Spring 2016 collection brought out the love of black and white, but also brought us the hint of color that makes this brand so unique and elegant.

Written by Contributor Denise Seegobin of Savingswithdenise

“Devine” Jewelry from Cate & Chloe!

Cate & Chloe

Subscription boxes are everywhere now. For a nominal fee you can subscribe to just about any kind of monthly subscription service filled with beauty, fashion, food or jewelry goodies. I’ve tried so many of them over the past two years and absolutely love them because they’re filled with surprises every month and you receive great discounted deals.

I recently tried Cate & Chloe which is a subscription service that provides elegant jewelry for special occasions as well as everyday wear. I can’t even count the number of times that I needed a piece of jewelry and I could not find something that fit the occasion, especially formal occasions. So when I looked at the Cate & Chloe website which offers pretty affordable pieces that had a luxury feel to them I was immediately in love!

I received VIP subscription and the Devin “Devine” Stud earrings (retail value $125) arrived at my door within days. These beautiful earrings have CZ stones surrounded by a smaller ring of CZ stones and a silver post. They are stunning and sparkle like real diamonds. An absolutely perfect pair of earrings for a glamorous evening out or a formal event.

Cate & Chloe

How does it work?

1. Sign up and for as little as $32 a month,

2. Receive up to $200 worth of jewelry every 15 days. Very simple.

It’s an easy sign up process and as a VIP member you’ll also receive FREE shipping, 20% off any other items that you’d like to purchase and an additional free item when you sign up. If you don’t like the item that you receive you are welcome to exchange it for something else. And as a member you’re also eligible for their giveaways so you have the chance to receive even more beautiful jewelry.

 Have you tried Cate & Chloe?