What to Pack for a Trip to Las Vegas

What to Pack for a Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be the perfect destination for the vacation of a lifetime. With the best nightlife in the U.S., exciting, unique themed casinos such as the Venetian and New York New York, outstanding and unusual attractions such as the dancing fountains found at The Bellagio, and plenty of other attractions and activities to see and take part in, making sure that you know exactly what to pack when you visit Las Vegas is a must. We’ve put together the ultimate packing list to make sure that you look and feel your best when you visit this vibrant and exciting city, along with ensuring that you have everything you need to make sure that your trip is one that you’ll never forget.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Although you might want to pack your best heels and dress shoes for when you’re exploring Las Vegas at night, making sure that you have a comfortable pair of shoes to walk around in during the daytime is absolutely essential. Since most of the attractions are based on the strip, during the day you’re most likely going to be doing a lot of walking round in order to get to the things that you want to see and do, whether you’re hoping to explore the huge, flagship Hershey’s Chocolate World store or take a ride on the exciting, world-famous Big Apple rollercoaster over at the New York New York Casino. Taking a pair of sensible, comfortable shoes such as sneakers is recommended at all times of the year, especially if you expect your feet to be sore from dancing the night away!

Bathing Suit/Bikini

If you’re planning to be visiting Las Vegas during the summer months, you’ll probably want to make the most of getting a sun-kissed tan. During the summer, Las Vegas can reach some pretty high temperatures, and although there are no beaches in the area, many of the hotels and casinos along the strip will have pools where guests can relax and go for a dip. Even if you’re visiting in the colder months, many hotels will have indoor pool facilities for their guests along with hot tubs and Jacuzzis, spas, and more – so make sure that you pack a bikini or swimming costume!

Dress Clothes

Las Vegas is home to some world-class, five-star restaurants and the casinos on the strip are often frequented by the rich and famous. Because of this, visitors to Las Vegas will definitely want to fit in with the glitz and glamour of the area, so packing dress clothes, such as an expensive little black dress or a pair of designer heels that you can wear if you’re going to an expensive dinner or a fancy show is a good idea. The last thing that you want is to feel under-dressed for an occasion or show, so don’t forget to pack something nice.

Power Adaptors

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas from outside of the U.S. or from outside of North America, you may need to ensure that you bring along a power adaptor or two so that you’ll be able to charge up your personal electronics and use things such as hair curling tongs or a hair dryer. You can buy two-pin adaptors, which will convert your electrical goods’ plugs so that they will fit into the sockets found in Las Vegas hotels, in many stores, travel shops, online, and even at a range of shops along the strip itself so there’s no need to worry if this is something that you forget.

Your Itinerary

Last but not least, making sure that you’ve planned and packed your full itinerary before you visit Las Vegas is important. With so many amazing things to do and see in this city, it’s important to have a good plan to hand otherwise you could end up missing out and finishing your trip having not seen on experienced a number of things that you’d planned to. Be sure to include Las Vegas highlights such as a gondola ride at the Venetian casino, watching the water fountains show at the Bellagio, and a ride on the amazing Big Apple Roller Coaster on your list. Along with that, don’t forget to check out everything that you can do outside of the strip, such as supercar driving, waterparks, and awesome tours of the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Las Vegas is packed with loads of great things to see and do, so it’s important to make sure that you’re fully prepared to have an amazing trip.

Play online bingo the fashionable way

Play online bingo the fashionable way

Play online bingo the fashionable way

We all love buying a few of our fashion necessaries every month, but it never stops with just that. While wanting to buy a piece of jewelry, you might see a shade of lipstick that might look just as tempting and hence, the list goes on. So, how is it that you can find another source of entertainment that is not only engaging but rewarding as well?

Online bingo is the solution. Playing online bingo is a great way to make a few extra pounds and if you get lucky, you could hit the big jackpot too! Online bingo is among the easiest games online but knowing the kind of spending thrift you are, it would be a good idea to take a couple of things into consideration first.

Don’t get too carried away with the prizes involved as there are plenty of other players that are just as keen at winning that prize as you are. Bet reasonably and make your bets on a game that is guaranteed to win you a prize, however small it may be. Collect all your bonuses and when you have collected just as much as you have deposited, it is time for you to think of making your withdrawals.

And with these few extra pounds, you could look at buying that lipstick you wanted. Having said this, there’s only so much you can expect in free money. Online bingo is pure entertainment and irrespective of whether you win or loose, it is all just part of the game.

One of the popular online bingo sites in the UK is GameVillage Bingo as they have plenty of giveaways and players can even look forward to winning real cash prizes on free bingo games as well. Sound’s unreal, doesn’t it? So, try out a couple of games of online bingo and let’s see how well your luck plays out.


Three Amazing Ways to Celebrate Your Thirtieth Birthday in Luxury

30th birthday cake with sparklers

If you are going to be turning 30 in 2016, you are in good company. Among the stars celebrating their 30th birthdays this year are both Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Stormborn (Emilia Clarke) from Game of Thrones, original bad girl Lindsay Lohan, sex symbol Megan Fox and her Transformers co-star Shia Labouef, creator and star of HBO’s Girls Lena Dunham, and rap star Drake. You also share your 30th year with some people you may remember from your childhood, like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Josh Peck from Nickleodeon’s Drake and Josh!

While these stars are certain to be planning ahead for glamorous birthday celebrations, there is no reason why you should have any less by way of luxury for your own 30th. After all, 30 is a landmark year and deserves to be marked in style!

If you are planning to go big on luxury for your 30th birthday, but haven’t quite decided on the details, here are some ideas for creating a birthday to remember, that may even put some of the stars to shame!
Your Own Hollywood Banquet
Whether you regularly hang out in Hollywood or have never been, it is a place that can really capture the sense of superstar luxury you want for your special birthday. As a location that plays host to glamorous parties and events every day, there are all kinds of great places you can hire out for your birthday, and you can often call the shots on décor, menu, music and everything else that will make up your night. Check out gorgeous locations like these places for a banquet celebration in Glendale. While this may sound like a level of planning usually reserved for a wedding or charity function, planning a party in your own honor can be a lot of fun, though of course, there is also the option to hire a party planner to make your event perfect without you having to do too much.

Invite your very own A-list of friends and family, and complete the mood by going shopping in Beverley Hills for the perfect outfit for the big night. You can also keep the party going by booking in to a luxury hotel with a few choice people from your guest list, and getting spa treatments and a lavish breakfast the next day!
Of course, if travel to Hollywood is outside of your budget, or your guests’, you can do a similar thing in your hometown, and just make Hollywood glamour the theme!

A Tropical Cruise

Cruises can be the very essence of luxury, and can also give you a chance to see some new places and have some truly memorable experiences for your birthday. Even without a passport, you could explore the Florida Keys or Hawaii, though if you feel like venturing further afield cruises that take in the Caribbean, Mexico and parts of South America can combine some adventure with the idyllic luxury of visiting a tropical paradise. Whether you go with your partner, a select group of friends, or invite everyone you know, spending your days exploring islands and enjoying the beach life and your nights eating luxury cuisine, drinking cocktails and dancing the night away is sure to be a fantastic way to mark your 30th!
A Fun Casino Break
Whether you hit Vegas, Atlantic City, or a casino resort closer to you, you are guaranteed a luxurious experience if you stay at a high end casino complex. With plenty to do besides playing casino games, you can dress up and hit the dancefloor, enjoy lavish food, and crack open the champagne with your friends. Another great benefit to choosing this option is that casinos tend to offer complementary things to people who can prove they are celebrating their birthdays, so you may get free drinks, room upgrades, extras on your meals (like birthday cake!) and even free chips to play with! Casinos in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City that are known for being true entertainment hubs will also have shows for you to see, great bars and nightclubs, and of course, those beautiful, over the top lights!

Wherever you choose to spend your 30th birthday, and whether your guest list is large or you want an intimate occasion with your partner or closest girlfriends, these options give you ways to celebrate the occasion with a once in a lifetime experience you will remember well into the future!

Planning a Ladies’ Game Night

Ladies Night Out Game

With the winter season approaching and the colder temperatures already here, let’s face it: staying in is a million times more enticing right now. And just because you’re not going out as often doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having fun. I’ll admit, though, that I was a bit wary of the impact it could have on my social life.

That was, of course, until I realized that I could just invite my friends over to my place for a number of activities including ladies’ game night. I did some brainstorming and came up with a few great ideas for how to mix things up during the chillier season that with little to no cost other than the snacks and drinks you’ll need to accompany your gaming sessions!


Given poker’s crazy rise in popularity over the past decade, chances are that at least one of your friends has at least a passing idea of how to play the most well-known version: Texas Hold’Em. If not, it’s extremely easy to learn the rules‚Äîyou can view them here and even print them out to share before the night‚Äîand it makes for one of the most flat-out fun and social games. The idea of trying to make (and maintain!) the best poker face (shout out to Lady Gaga) will no doubt lead to some good jokes and, of course, plenty of bragging once someone takes the pot. Also, before the game even starts, make sure you have plenty of poker-friendly snacks and drinks available. I’m talkin’ beer, pretzels, salted nuts, and, well basically anything salty.


I know what you’re thinking: “Aren’t we all a lil’ young to be playing bingo?” Well, no, you’re not, because the game has become incredibly popular among the younger crowds. It’s a passive, laid-back, and social game‚Äîmeaning you’ll be able to have fun without interrupting conversations or trying too hard to follow along. Not only that, but you can make it even more engaging by coming up with your own set of bingo rules. Instead of doing the typical 5 x 5 sheet or something like that, you can design a custom card with different words and concepts of your choosing.

But if that sounds like too much work and you just want to get down to business, you and your friends could bring their iPads or similar devices to play bingo online. You can all get set up at Betfair Bingo and either play together, against each other, or pass around the tablet for each new round. And in between rounds, you can even get in a few extra non-bingo games if you can’t wait that long.

Board Games

Everyone has at least one board game lying around in her closet, be it Scattergories, Operation, Scrabble, or something else. So what better time than now to dust them off and give ’em a go with your friends? If the gathering is smaller, a game like Operation or Scrabble is just fine because they’re made for just a few players. But if you decide to have more than a handful of people over, that’s fine too. You can have stations set up for the different games. Scattergories or a game like it‚Äîsuch as the always-fun Apples to Apples‚Äîis the way to go if you want everyone involved, though.

You can also just play your own board game-like activities, like “Never Have I Ever.” In case you’re unfamiliar with this one, it’s pretty simple. You all hold up three fingers and everyone takes turns saying things that they have never done. If this sounds like it could potentially end with people revealing too much about themselves, just stick to the actual board games or one of my other suggestions.

Grand Opening: INGLOT Artist Lounge in NYC


Tuesday, December 18th, I attended the Grand Opening of the Artist Lounge for Inglot Cosmetics. The studio lounge and flagship store opened up in Chelsea Market on the 5th floor. This is the 4th location to open in NYC, but the company has over 300 retail locations worldwide.

The company is over 25 years old, owned by creator and founder Wojtek Inglot, a Polish chemist. Inglot’s objective with the cosmetics company was to “produce high quality products at fair and reasonable prices”, and I believe he’s done just that.

Lover of all cosmetics and beauty products, when I entered this event I was so excited, because I’ve never used Inglot cosmetics before. Walking through the studio, I was in awe at all the colors around me. I would say the colors are comparable to MAC, vibrant and highly pigmented. The studio is 6,000 square ft, brightly lit and beautiful.


During the event, Inglot professional make up artists were giving makeovers, so I had to take advantage! I am wearing colors from the “Freedom System”, eyeshadows in #349 and #376 and lipstick in #22. I purchased the lipstick online to wear for New Years Eve, I hope it comes in time!


Have you tried Inglot cosmetics?

Cold sore season is coming… are you ready?



This morning, other bloggers and myself met for breakfast at the Trump Soho in New York City to hear about a new product launched from Abreva. The Abreva® Conceal™ is the brands first introduction to beauty, and fits all needs of the consumer. This product is being introduced throughout drugstores at the perfect time… because cold sore season is upon us, ladies.

Where do they come from? This morning we learned that cold sores are triggered from things such as stress, cold weather, dry air, winter wind, and the common cold. A cold sore is an ugly surprise, an unattractive burden that makes us women feel like we want to hibernate from dates, social gatherings and events. When we pile make up on top of the cold sore, like concealers or foundations, it seems to make the area even worse!

Abreva® Conceal™ is a new, FDA approved, thin, transparent, non-medicated patch that conceals and protects the cold sore on your skin. The patch provides a sheer, flawless surface that hides the ugly sore and keeps all contaminants out.

Author of 3 Best-selling books and make up artist from TLC’s “What Not to Wear”, Carmindy Bowyer, educated us on the new product and how you can actually apply make up over the patch, concealing the sore with a perfect finish.

“To me, a cold sore is a total confidence crusher!”, says Carmindy. She explained how using make up to cover the sores wind up looking cakey, discolored, and nothing stays put. Using Abreva Conceal, the cold sore will not get infected and your make up brushes will not be contaminated. According to the make up guru, “The Abreva Conceal patch is the best quick fix idea out there.” Carmindy demonstrated how to apply the patch, while adding a touch of foundation to a sponge and watching it disappear on the skin. Then, she even added lip gloss on top and the cold sore was gone.

And the best of all? Carmindy says the Abreva Patch will work on a nasty cut, a bug bite, even a pimple!

Will you be trying the Abreva Conceal?

An Evening with Marcia Kilgore at Sephora in New York City


If you’re a fan of Bliss Spa then you may be familiar with Marcia Kilgore, the woman behind the brand. Marcia will be at Sephora on Thursday, September 27th from 3:00 – 6:00 pm.

WHO: Marcia Kilgore, the savvy entrepreneur behind New York’s famous Bliss Spa, FitFlop and Soap & Glory, continues her reign as a beauty industry titan.

WHAT: A meet and greet with Marcia! This is your chance to ask beauty industry legend, Marcia Kilgore, your most pressing questions!

WHEN: Thursday, September 27th, from 3:00 – 6:00 pm

WHERE: Sephora Times Square, 1500 Broadway New York, NY 10036

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SS 2013: Backstage at Creatures of the Wind

Makeup by NARS for Creatures of the Wind SS 2013

Kicking off Mercedes-Benz Fashion week, I was able to go backstage of Creatures of the Wind at Milk Studios to get a closer look at all the Nars products being used for the show! Nars Director of Global Artistry, James Boehmer, schooled us on the colors and techniques used for the show. Boehmer said the inspiration for the theme came from a “Japanese Godzilla movie”, which he further explained to be an idea of “a monstrous beauty”.

Boehmer explained how the products he used created a simple look that was “not too made up and not too heavy”, because of the emphasis they wanted on the hair and clothes. For him, the look was all about illumination, balance, and softness. As Boehmer demonstrated on a model, he explained the Nars products and colors he used.

-Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

-Nars Lipstick in “Fire Down Below”, applied just in the center of the lips

-Nars Mascara on top and bottom lashes

-Nars smudge-proof eyeshadow base

-Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Damned”, applied on the eyelids

For hair, the models were all styled with Keratase products for a straight look with an origami inspiration. All models had pin straight hair, prepped with hairspray and a flat iron.

For nails, models wore Essie’s “Topless and Barefoot”, a solid rosy beige sealed with their “Matte About You ” as a top coat.


What do you think of this Creatures of the Wind look?

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Backstage at Helmut Lang SS 2013

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Backstage at Helmut Lang SS 2013

Hannah Murray for NARS Cosmetics wanted to give the models at Helmut Lang fresh skin and lived-in makeup

Juergen Teller’s images of Annie Morton came to mind,” said Michael and Nicole Colovos, the husband and wife designing team behind the label. “An off-duty ‘90s girl on a Sunday morning with slept-in, smudged eyes and scrubbed polished skin – a cool, effortless beauty.

LOOK: “The clothes had a lightness to them with lots of color and print and layering so we wanted to toughen the girls up a little but do it in a fresh, believable way,” said Murray. “The focus is really on the skin, which is fresh, sporty and scrubbed clean.”

Below are the key products used to create the exclusive look:


·         NARSskin Luminous Moisture Cream



·         Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF30/PA+++

·         Radiant Creamy Concealer (New for 2013! For a similar effect, try Concealer)

·         Light Reflecting Setting Powder – Pressed (New for Spring 2013! For a similar effect, try Albatross Highlighting Blush)



·         Hyde Park Satin Lip Pencil – used on cheek (New for Spring 2013! For a similar effect, try Maldives The Multiple)



·         Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

·         Via Veneto Larger Than Life® Long-Wear Eyeliner
·         Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara
·         Cythère Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil – used on eyes (New for Spring 2013! For a similar effect, try Hollywoodland Soft Touch Shadow Pencil)


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Backstage at Helmut Lang SS 2013



·         Concealer – used on lips
·         Bianca Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment

What do you think of this beauty look?

Get your tan on with B.Bronz for Fashion’s Night Out!

B Bronze Spray Tan at Spa Merge

Today I joined B.Bronz at Spa Merge for my very first spray tan to kick off Fashion Week!  Kelly Richardson, celebrity and international spray tanner, educated me on the benefits of getting a spray tan.

A B.Bronz spray tan consists of a formula that is Paraben free, plant based, no artificial coloring, and has eco-certified organic ingredients. According to Kelly, tanning guru, “a spray tan is a quick flawless service.”  The ingredients found in a spray tan include lime, lemon, orange, and a blend of essential oils.

The application was quick and even, and best of all the tan looks natural. There was no mess, no residue, no blotchiness. A spray tan is a perfect way to prolong that sweet summer tan, or even to have a golden glow during the cold winter months. I am happy with the result of my first spray tan experience and highly recommend B.Bronz!

Kelly and the B.Bronz team will be at Spa Merge (located in the Hilton GVC-Manhattan) to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out from 6pm-10pm. There will be complimentary spray tans for all customers to kick off Fashion Week!