Nov 182013


5 Tips You Need to Know for Painless Holiday Shopping

Black Friday has to be my least favorite Friday of the year. There are long lines, unruly crowds and everybody is in a bad mood. I prefer to shop in the privacy of my home where I can enjoy a warm cup of cocoa, put my feet up and lounge in my robe. There are many sites that offer sweet deals just like the stores (or better) without the headache or fear of getting pushed around in an overcrowded store.

Here are a few tips to make sure that your holiday shopping experience is perfection:

1. Shop Online. There are just as many deals online as there are in the stores. Shopping online is a much more stress-free way to buy all of the gifts that you need -as long you don’t wait until the last-minute!

2. Do your research before you take out your credit card. Search for online coupon codes and special deals so that you get the most value for the money that you’re spending. Check out sites like, or to find the best prices for the items that you’re looking for.  

3. Create accounts and profiles on your favorite e-tailers. Some deals have very limited availability and you don’t want to miss out on a deal that becomes out of stock just as you’re about to check out. When you create an account you can quickly check out since your shipping address and credit card are already stored in your account.

4. Shop at trusted online sites. Big retailers like Spiegel have a large selection of items available and a trusted return policy. By shopping at well known, established sites you receive better customer service which makes your shopping experience that much more pleasant.

5. Sign up for the mailing list – Many sites offer an incentive like a coupon code or a few dollars off of your purchase for signing up to their mailing list. During the holiday season those incentives are even bigger so sign up for the mailing lists of your favorite brands to receive extra discounts.

With just a bit of preparation you can shop stress-free and spend more time with you family and less time in the stores!

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