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 Posted by on September 23, 2013
Sep 232013

Wantable makeup box and accessories box

Wantable is another subscription service with a bit of a twist, they offer a monthly makeup box or accessories box that is customized to your style preferences. I opted for the jewelry service instead of makeup since I already have tons of makeup just waiting to get used! For a $36/month subscription fee you get the pleasure of receiving 3 to 4 boutique jewelry pieces or you can pay $40 for a one-time box.

How does it work? After you answer several questions your style is matched with pieces personalized just for you. The site looks at your style based on style categories like Glam, Rock n Roll Classic, Boho, Urban etc. You can also share the type of accessories  you prefer like headbands, necklaces, rings, sunglasses and scarves. Throughout this “style assessment” you’re shown several types of accessories and you can rate whether you like them or not. After deeply probing your fashion sense, Wantable comes up with at least 3 accessories that should fit your aesthetic and ships them off to you.

Thoughts: So after answering a myriad of questions regarding my style choices I was sure that I would get a beautiful box reflecting  my personal style. The jewelry that I received was pretty but I found the pieces to be a bit random. None of the pieces fit together in a cohesive style. I received rhinestone earrings that are great for a night out, a bib necklace that would work well for a chic daytime look and a wood bangle that’s a great weekend piece. I was hoping to pieces that I could wera together but it doesn’t work that way.

Overall I think that over time a subscription to Wantable is a great way to add to your costume jewelery wardrobe but I wish that I could choose the pieces that I liked the best. The subscription service has great potential and I’d love to see how it evolves over the next year. Have you tried Wantable?

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