Sep 022013

Milk & Honey Naturals Tres Natural Solid Parfum

Milk & Honey Naturals Tres Natural Solid Parfum($6) is a handmade solid scent that is completely natural, no preservatives or alcohol added. The fragrance is a robust and feminine blend of rose, lily, mandarin, gardenia and iris. This perfume is a pure blend of natural fragrance, waxes and moisturizing oils and described as: spontaneous, natural, beautifully mischievous, willful and whimsical. I find the scent to be delicate yet sexy and not overwhelming.

I enjoyed how long this parfum lasted and did not fade after application. I checked my wrist throughout the day and there was no need to reapply. By the end of my work day the scent faded just a bit but still no need to touch up the fragrance. This is a great way to carry your scent is a small evening bag. This little box makes it easy to travel with your parfum; it will never spill in your bag and it easily passes the airline travel size requirements.

Swatch of Milk & Honey naturals Tres Naturel natural Solid Parfum

Natural fragrance, castor seed oil, olive fruit oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, soybean oil, candelilla wax, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter and shea butter.

How to Use It
Rub finger onto the surface of the solid parfum, the parfum will melt a little, rub the oil butter and essential oil blend from your finger to the points you wish to scent on the body, traditionally the neck, wrists, and fold of the arm.

I remember solid parfum from my childhood but most major fragrance companies don’t make them. I love how this parfum does not use lots of chemical ingredients to achieve a beautiful scent. This parfum/perfume is available is several other natural scents that I cannot wait to try including: Aphrodite Fleurs, Layla Angelique, Belle Femme, Athena Joie, Juliet Amour and Artemis Noir.

Have you tried solid perfumes?

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