Trish McEvoy Summer to Fall Makeup Tips

 Posted by on July 30, 2013
Jul 302013

Summer to Fall Makeup Tips

Beauty guru, Trish McEvoy shares a few Summer to Fall Makeup Tips to help you easily transition your beauty routine for the upcoming season. With just a few simple beauty adjustments you’ll be ready to face the cool fall weather that will be here before you know it.

EVEN SKIN – Be it a fake or a slight tan, a deeper complexion disguises imperfections. As you transition to a lighter skin tone for Fall/Winter, evening out your complexion becomes even more important. Use a foundation or skin-perfector with treatment benefits to help skin recover from summer wear and tear, and with hydrating properties in preparation for the drier weather.

FACE COLOR  – Blush is to fall what bronzer is to summer. As you transition into fall you want to lighten your bronzer and brighten your complexion with cheek color formulas that make you look lit from within—as if you’ve just taken a brisk walk. Apply a pop of pink to the high apples of cheeks and blend it slightly out to achieve your perfect fall face color. (Face Shapers, Brighten Up Duo)

DEFINITION – Summer makeup is casual but as fall draws near style become more dressy and defined—from hair to makeup to clothes. Nothing instantly transforms a look like definition on the eyes, face and brows. Intensify your eye liner, sculpt your face with bronzer and highlight, and shape your brows. For lips this season the look is muted with definition achieved through highlighting around the mouth, a trick that makes lips look naturally fuller. Pat down lip color with your finger for a sexy, blurred, just-kissed finish. (Whole line-up)

BRIGHT EYES – To look your energized best for fall, ensure eyes appear vibrant and rested with an even, bright upper eyelid and illuminated under-eye area achieved with my “Triangle of Light” inverted triangle technique under each eye. (Eye Base Essentials, Instant Eye Lift, Beauty Balm)


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