Review: Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

 Posted by on July 29, 2013
Jul 292013

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

I signed up for Vegan Cuts Beauty Box to get the low down on the latest cruelty-free products. The monthly subscription service is $19.95 per month which includes shipping.

I anxiously waited a few weeks for my first package to arrive. So I was extremely excited to rip open the box when it arrived to see all the new products that I’ve never tried.  I’ve sampled several beauty boxes over the years and I decided to give the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box a try since I maintain a vegan diet. I really want to stay cruelty free…but it’s been a struggle. So many of the companies that I love test on animals in some way shape or form and many use products containing animal based ingredients. So yes, it’s a struggle but I’m trying -and hope that Vegan Cuts will help my beauty product loving self.

I received my beauty box last week, and here’s a quick look at was was inside:

  • 1 full size LVX Nail Lacquer
  • 1 deluxe sample size nyl Organic Rosewater Face Wash
  • 1 Fanciful Fox Vegan Lip Balm
  • 1 Essence of Vali vial (A Bedtime Ritual)
  • 1 deluxe sample of Glam Natural Mascara
  • 1 sample size bottle of Acure Moroccan Argan Oil
  • 1 Namaste (Vegan Leather) Jemma change purse

The highlights of the box included the Fanciful Fox lip balm which actually tastes and smells just like peanut butter. It’s made with organic shea butter and contains avocado butter and jojoba seed oil. I love lips balms and this one was very soothing and moisturizing. The scent and taste is a plus since I love peanut butter!

Fanciful Fox Vegan Lip Balm

The Namaste Jemma Pouch in Lime was a nice treat even though it’s not a beauty product (or a makeup bag). I can always use a change purse to keep my money organized instead of just dumping it in my bag.

Namaste Jemma Pouch in Lime

The Acure Argan Oil was great on my ends. I loved how quickly it absorbed into my dry ends. I will be buying a full size bottle of this, it felt great on my hair and would make a great daily moisturizer. The Glam Natural Mascara formula was thinner than your standard drugstore mascara BUT it didn’t leave any clumps on my lashes. It does take a couple of coats to really build up a noticeable difference but I loved that it didn’t give me “spider lashes”. I haven’t tried the LVX Nail Lacquer just yet so I can’t offer any feedback on it but the color was spot on for summer, very pretty! They Nyl Face Wash was thin and more like a toner in consistency than a face wash but its super gentle and did a good job at removing my makeup, plus didn’t strip my skin of all its natural oils. I haven’t trued the Essence of Vali but I totally love aromatherapy. I don’t have any problems sleeping so I may not be the best test subject for this product but it does have a lovely fragrance.

LVX Nail Lacquer in Deco

Overall the beauty box provided a decent selection of beauty products. I wish that there were more makeup products but there was a nice selection of beauty products targeting hair, nails, and face. I’ll have to give the subscription service a few more months to see what gems I will find along the way. But if you’re looking to go the more organic, vegan or cruelty-free route then this is the beauty box for you. If you’re interested in trying Vegan Cuts yourself, you can sign up here. Enjoy!

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