Postworkout Beauty Tips: On the Go

 Posted by on July 16, 2013
Jul 162013

postworkout sweat

I admit it. There are days where I would care less about how I look as I dash off to my next destination looking like a sweaty pig. For someone who doesn’t drive, this is how I would look when I’m on the bus, at supermarket and embarrassingly enough when meeting a best friend. This best friend finally shook me to my senses and told me that I looked like (insert expletive). I was horribly embarrassed but I recovered and since then I’m pretty much put together after a grueling workout. I know ladies, its hard to care about how we look after we’ve had a tiring workout sesh, and all we wanna do is go home, crawl into our beds and sleep our way through. But what about days where you simply have to run an errand? Even rush off to work? How can we save time in between to make sure we look our very best? Here are some tips I’ve learned and really worked for me. Not only do I feel great after a hard workout, but I can seriously look good too.

1. Dry shampoo. Short on time and can’t shower? Dry shampoo work like magic! It takes away the oils on your hairline¬†that you usually get after a workout. Just sprinkle (or spritz) your dry shampoo on your hairline, flip your head upside down and massage your way through clean hair (don’t forget to hair dry for volume, especially those with short hair)

2. Buns buns buns. Not the pastry kind, but of the hair. Secure tightly with bobby pins. Simple but effective.

3. Go au naturel. Who needs blush? Seriously, you don’t need foundation or blush when you’ve got a natural glow post-workout going on. Just wash your to get excess dirt or sweat off the cheeks then you’re good to go.

4. Don’t forget your deodorant.Try baby powder to keep you dry and smelling fresh!

These minute-saving tips will have to ready and out the gym in no time. Take some time and pride in yourself. You’ve worked hard to look good, so go at it 100%!




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