Beauty Food: Turmeric

 Posted by on July 12, 2013
Jul 122013


One of the more prominent spices in curries, known for its color and less for its flavor, turmeric has many surprising benefits for your beauty and health. Yes, it provides an enticing golden-yellow to a delicious dish but hidden from plain sight are powerful antioxidants that anti-ages the body and mind. This is literally brain food. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is known to protect and repair your cells from external damage due to environment.

Aside from all that, you can use turmeric externally for the following:

1. Brighten your teeth. What? Yes that was my first reaction, since we naturally assume that when we eat brightly colored food like curry, we immediately think, teeth stains (but we still move on since curries are so worth it!).

2. Customize your foundation. Try it on your tinted moisturizer, have an additional glow to your skin!

3. Moisturize the scalp. I’ve had an Indian friend that shared this secret with me. She has beautifully thick luscious hair and she credits this to applying olive oil and turmeric on her scalp every night.

4. Sooth an aching stomach. Add it to your ginger tea if you ever have the belly blues.

There are numerous ways to incorporate turmeric into your diet or daily life so explore, experiment and reap the benefits (with consistency).


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