Jul 112013

Green Envee Organics Review

I really enjoy my bath time, it’s a relaxing everyday escape from the stressors of life. So I take my beautification ritual very seriously. Not only do my bath products have to work well they need to smell great too. That’s why I was so pleased with Green Envee Organics. Green Envee Organics creates beauty products that promote of the mind, body, and spirit as a whole and them smell fresh and clean. Their product line consists of aromatherapy body care, homeopathic and energetically enhanced skin care that taps into Ayurvedic and Eastern principles.

The first product that I sampled was the Green Envee Organics Sri Lankan Lemongrass Body Scrub, made with cane sugar. The scrub cleanses and moisturizes at the same time; the sugar cane leaves skin baby soft and the jojoba and safflower oils moisturize while providing a high antioxidant boost. The Lemongrass scent gives this scrub an aromatherapy boost since this essential oil is known in India’s Ayurvedic medical tradition as an anti-depressant. I know it always puts a smile on  my face when I use a product that contains this citrusy scent!

Green Envee Organics Sri Lankan Lemongrass Body Scrub Swatch

The body scrub is hydrating enough where you won’t need any lotion after your shower. Plus it’s always good to exfoliate before you shave your legs for a close shave without any nasty razor nicks.

The next product that I tried was the Wood Element Purifying Cream Cleanser. This homeopathic cleanser is formulated according to the Five Elements theory related to Traditional Chinese Medicine. I fall into the “Wood element” category since I have oily skin. It’s made from an organic lime base with lots of essential oils. It feels creamy but not oily on the skin. After I rinsed my face clean I noticed that this cleanser did a great job of removing the excess oil; it felt balanced and not tight. I could probably do without a moisturizer but I didn’t chance it!

Green Envee Wood Element Purifying Cream Cleanser.

Overall I loved both products from Green Envee Organics but I’d have to say that the cleanser was by far my favorite out of the two. It falls in my top 5 facial beauty products (and I’ve tried a lot). The cleanser is very balancing and gentle for my temperamental skin. It cleanses well and left my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Have you tried any products from Green Envee Organics?

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