Beauty Food: Honey

 Posted by on July 6, 2013
Jul 062013


Oh honey honey, this delectable term of endearment is not only good for our hearts but also good for our skin. Yes, honey is delicious, not necessarily nutritious but applying honey externally to our body provides beauty benefits that you need to know about.  “You have food on your face” has taken on a literal meaning when you think honey.

Honey has been used for hundreds of year, this beauty trend being dated back to Cleopatra, who used it for her baths.  She was definitely onto something; honey is a humectant, it retains moisture, which is why it is currently a huge trend to see honey in your natural moisturizer.

It is also used to heal wounds and burns. Have a cut? Get some honey on it. This stuff works. Just remember to use raw honey (not the billy bee kind) and try applying it externally onto your skin. Of course, not literally all over the body, mix it with some skin-healthy ingredients to maximize youthful skin. Try a soothing mask by mixing yogurt with honey and apply it onto clean skin. This will moisturize, hydrate and soothe your skin. Especially great to use for those of you who have sunburns or irritation on your skin.

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