The Key To Great Skin and Good Health

 Posted by on July 1, 2013
Jul 012013

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Yes yes, you’re all probably sick of hearing all about the latest miracle food that promises perfect, youthful skin and once you’ve bought and consumed all this said beauty miracle, you realized you’ve eaten all that for nothing. What is key in benefiting from the healthy food we eat, and how we benefit from it is through proper digestion. No, digestion is not all about pooping although elimination is crucial in order to have beautiful skin.  Digestion is a complex system that our body functions in order to reap the benefits of the foods we eat and how we function for our mind and body. So here is the lowdown on why effective digestion is necessary and what can enhance the efficiency of this said system.

Digestion is really, in layman’s terms how we process our food. And the important thing to note is how much actual vitamins and minerals to we absorb from the healthy food we eat is important in order to feel and see the difference. A proper functioning digestion also determines how we metabolize our fats, carbs and protein and how it is distributed to our bodies. What we consume is only part of the equation. Stress, hormones and inactivity can actually determine and affect your digestion.  So what to do if you suffer from poor digestion? Well, aside from proper digestions, here are some other tips:

1. Get active! Walking as you’ve heard, really helps with digestion if you’ve ever overeat.

2. Do yoga! Twists and forward folds especially really helps with detoxification and also relieves stress.

3. Take some probiotic and enzymes. Usually when you follow a poor diet, our digestive enzymes take a huge beating. Really take the supplements in order to ease your digestion.

So there you have it, yes, nutrition is really important to beautiful skin, but you need to remember that you  need to process the food you eat in order to reap the benefits.


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