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 Posted by on June 24, 2013
Jun 242013

natural pain relief therapy 21 drops

If you’ve ever hit the gym a little too hard then you know well the regret that you feel the next day when you can barely walk. Your legs feel as heavy as lead and even crossings your legs can require assistance. Well that’s how I felt this week after a strenuous workout at Equinox. I spent a little too much time on the leg press machine and stairmaster and I was seriously paying the price.

Since I usually prefer natural remedies, I decided to try 21 drops Pain Relief ($29). 21 drops concocts 100% natural, essential oil blends to soothe just about anything that ails you.

Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Rhizome Oil, Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Resin Oil, Juniperus Communis (Juniper) Fruit Oil, Helichrysum Italicum (Helichrysum) Flower Oil, Limonene, Geraniol, and Linalool.

This treatment is packaged in a small air tight bottle with a roller-ball application; which is excellent for travel. The unique blend of oils helps to increase circulation while improving inflammation and relieving muscle tension. My muscles can get very knotted especially when I go a little too hard at the gym so when I reached for 21 drops I was happy to report that this natural remedy alleviated some of the pain.

How to use 21 drops pain relief:

Roll balm onto temples, inside of wrists, and the sides of your neck which allows for immediate absorption. You can also roll directly onto your area of concern; which is what I did. It’s also helpful to apply frequently throughout the day.
Overall I was happy with how 21 drops pain relief helped to soothe my achy muscles. While it didn’t take away all the soreness (only another workout or rest could) it definitely helped with the tension and achiness. It’s very easy to use and the rollerball applicator allows for a mess-free application. The oil has a very pleasant and uplifting scent and the formula is gentle on the skin.
Have you tried any of the 21 drops essential oils?

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