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When you’re sick you almost don’t want to wear any makeup but there are ways to manage makeup when you have a cold. Statistically there’s no increased risk of contracting a cold during the change of seasons, anecdotally, people often complain of getting sick this time of year. If the fatigue, aches, sore throat and generally yucky feeling are not enough to deal with when you’re sick, looking presentable becomes infinitely more challenging.

Just when you really need to look a bit perky and less tired, managing makeup becomes a Sisyphean task- and cold-ravaged skin often feels a lot better clean and makeup free. In a perfect world, you could camp out in bed with some romance novels and apple cinnamon tea until you feel totally healthy- but chances are you’ll need to go to work, or to an event, or even to the store to stock up on NyQuil. Doing makeup when you’re sick or have a cold is a bit more difficult, but not impossible- try these tips while you heal.

 La Prairie Skincare Advanced Marine Biology  Day Cream SPF 20Moisturize like crazy. Nothing is as soothing when you’re sick as a nice, hot bath or shower. It clears your head and mitigates the schlumpy, groggy feeling. Try to moisturize as soon as possible after you towel off. A thick, soothing moisturizer like Dermologica’s Intensive Moisture Balance or La Prairie Skincare Advanced Marine Biology Day Cream found at Beautique UK will help maintain skin hydration, but you might want to add a stick-style moisturizer, particularly around irritated areas like your nose. Trish McEvoy’s Luxe Moisture Balm is a good spot-soother.



Fight flakes. During a cold, blotchiness and uneven skin are part of the territory, and frustratingly, foundation often rubs off or settles into dry or chapped areas. Even if you’re a mineral makeup queen, you might want to stick to a tinted moisturizer and a super-light dusting of setting powder until you’re better. Tarte’s Smooth Operator is a well-liked option, and Jemma Kidd’s Gossamer Finish Ultra Sheer Translucent Skin is finely milled enough to handle frequent touch-ups.

Be conservative. Even something as routine as mascara can be a recipe for disaster when you’re under the weather. Consider forgoing intense eyes, although curling lashes always wakes up your face. Liner and pigmented shadows also not only migrate, but can irritate already itchy, watery eyes.

Fake a healthy glow. After smoothing out skin tone, a bit of sheer blush and some soothing lip color will go a long way to minimize the overall washed-out look that comes along with being ill. Urban Decay’s Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint is sheer but pigmented. For lips, a tinted balm or sheer lipstick will add color without settling into flakes or cracks. Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is a cult favorite because it’s sheer and flatters everyone, and Lucy B. Cosmetics Stung Lips Tinted Balm comes in a nice range of rich hues.

These tips will help you to look good when you have a cold. What’s your plan of attack for looking your best when you’ve got a cold? Do you have any go-to pick-me-ups?

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  1. Love the packaging on that Trish McEvoy product. I cannot believe how much moisturizer I go through in winter. Kilos of the stuff!

  2. Really good article!
    When I have a cold, I make a lot of hot baths and lie so much balm on my nose, cheeks and lips. I avoid any kind of makeup because my skin is very, very chapped in those cases, but if I really need to make me prettier, I prefer to focus on tenderness rather than on charm: with my red hair and freckles, I just correct dark circles, put on my eyelids an illuminating and accentuate the redness of my cheeks with blush.
    If my eyes are sore, I put on them slices of potato or the bags used for the chamomile infusion. This treatment refreshes and calms their irritation a lot.

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