Jun 132013

Prenatal Pills for hair growth

Yes, ladies, a miracle in one small pill. Gwyneth Paltrow and Mindy Kaling swears by it. Heck, I swear by it (terrified my mom the first time she saw them, so I had to thoroughly explain why I had them, thereby exposing my own vanity).

Prenatal pills are relatively inexpensive and a great way to get your vitamins and cure your usual beauty problems. I mean, think about it, haven’t you wondered why women that are pregnant have that glow? Well, aside from lugging  a baby in the belly and sweating profusely at it, prenatal pills are an essential supplement for mommy-to-be because of it high nutrient density necessary to maintain proper health. With that said, I have stopped using my usual daily supplements and stuck to prenatal pills. I feel healthy overall, and my body feels stronger. That means, stronger nails, hair and clear skin.

So what makes prenatal pills special as opposed to the usual daily supplements catered to women? Well, there is high level of folic acid which is key to healthy hair, and also prevents anemia. Prenatal pills also have high levels of iron, calcium , B Vitamins and zinc, which are nutrients that contribute to overall health and enhances beauty.

Now, I’m not saying to overdose on these pills. Rather, supplement it with a healthy diet. I do drink prenatal pills every day but it’s because I pair it with an extremely active lifestyle. However, when I have rest days, I skip the pills.  Just be careful, and make sure you are active enough to metabolize the high mineral content these pills have, or just take them once every few days.

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