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Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Collection 3-Piece Stater Kit

I was facing a hair emergency, meaning my hair felt super dry and started breaking. Ouch! So I headed to Sephora to pick up a new shampoo and conditioner. Th sales lady suggested that I try Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask. But I’d never tried it and I didn’t want to invest in a full-sized tub so I opted for the Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Collection 3-Piece Starter Kit. The kit includes a sulfate-free shampoo, repairing conditioner and a repairing hair mask.

As soon as I got home I wanted to try the kit. The sample products in the store smelled so delicious that I could not wait to try them out. When I took the products out of the box I noticed that the bottles were smaller than the box they were packaged in and that they “sat” on a cardboard shelf within the box. That’s such a waste of packaging and a bit deceptive since I expected the bottles to be almost the same size as the box.


I immediately jumped in the shower to give the set a try, my hair really could not wait another second it was that dry. I tried the Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Sulfate-free shampoo first which left my hair squeaky clean. But it also felt stiff and I certainly would not be able to get a comb through it. So I reached for the repairing conditioner, which as I mentioned smells incredible. The conditioner was a bit thin and I was hoping for something very hydrating and rich. This conditioner would be great for someone with thin hair but I have a full head of hair and found myself having to use a lot more than usual to cover the entire length of my hair

Side note: This entire set reminds of an exotic scented suntan lotion on a tropical beach! I’d have to say these are some of the best smelling hair care products that I’ve encountered.

Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner review

Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner Swatch

Since the repairing conditioner felt a bit watery to me so I decided to add the Carols Daughter Repairing Hair Mask. This mask is much richer and creamier and allowed me to comb through my hair in the shower. I left the conditioner in for about 10 minutes to just to be sure that my hair was a lot softer and manageable when I was done. The conditioner rinsed clean leaving no traces of conditioner behind and my hair felt soft afterwards.

All of the products in this set contain Monoi Oil which is a Tahitian blend of Tiare Gardenia Flower and Coconut Oil. Monoi Oil is said to provide all over conditioning and it certainly felt like it did but I think a bit more of this oil would be helpful since I found this ingredient in the middle of the ingredient list. These products contain mostly water, cetearly alcohol and various other chemicals so a bit more monoi oil wouldn’t hurt. This set also claims to reduce hair breakage by 96% which only applies if you use both conditioners AND leave them on for 30 minutes.

Overall I liked the set but not enough to buy it again. I’d certainly get the repairing hair mask -the scent is that incredible. My hair is very curly with different textures and I require a gentle shampoo and a rich conditioner and unfortunately I did not find it here. I REALLY wanted to love this set after all of the reviews that I read but it just didn’t work for me.

Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Collection 3-Piece Stater Kit, $24

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