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Yes, it’s really that easy (not!). For those of you who love your breads, you may not want to read this. The awful truth about gluten is there is a high percentage of us that may have sensitivity to this delicious carb. I am not trying to promote the whole gluten-free diet trend but I have to admit, since avoiding bread and other grains I have felt that my skin is a lot clearer and softer than when I used to eat bread. Here is the thing, gluten sensitivity does not have symptoms that smacks you in the face, and when it comes to skin concerns (like acne), we blame it on genetics and environment.

Studies have shown the gluten sensitivity can have adverse effects on your hormones. So, for those of you who suffer from rashes, psoriasis, dry skin and yes, acne, you may want to try easing off your gluten consumption. These are symptoms that are caused by abnormalities in your digestion and the way you absorb your nutrients, which may be caused by gluten sensitivities. Other symptoms include, bloating, abdominal pain and joint pain.

SO, for those of you who suffer from mild to strong symptoms that were mentioned, try experimenting a gluten-free diet. Or at least cut back, and notice the difference in your health and your skin.


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