Jun 042013


Bath time just got better thanks to this addition into my cleansing regime. I’ve always enjoyed Burt’s Bees products, even if it is on a slightly pricier side. This brand is very well-known for using all natural ingredients and I cant help but feel guilt free and indulgent when I buy and use Burt’s Bees. And a plus on the brand is its cruelty free and materials are ethically traded.


The smell is unbelievable. It is very reminiscent of the citrus Popsicle I use to eat as a child, and it smells quite sweet and almost drinkable (obviously I did not go that far). The ginger smell is rather subtle but the sensation of ginger does take effect when contact on skin. I felt a slight cooling on the skin once I’ve lathered this product all over my body and as a result, it delivered what it promised; I felt really energized post shower. I also managed to surround the bathroom with this scent that my mother decided to use it after me. For some reason, it also softened my skin and it felt smooth for hours after my shower, so I did not need to add any moisturizer on my skin.  Added bonus was I did not need coffee because it really woke me up.

So five stars for this product and I say go out and get yourself some!


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