Beauty Food: Arugula

 Posted by on June 3, 2013
Jun 032013

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Say what?! It came as a shock to me while I was having lunch with a raw vegan friend at a local restaurant, munching on, you guessed it, arugula beet salad. I’ve always enjoyed arugula salad and usually brought that onto my meals when I eat heavy either a day before or three days straight. It was a great way for me to detox my body of fattening foods from previous days. Little did I know that it also does wonders for my skin. So here are a few benefits/reasons why you should have more arugula in your life:

1. It is detoxifying and fights cancer. It belongs to the family of cruciferous vegetable that includes kale and broccoli.  Nutritional density is at a high when you eat from this family of vegetables and arugula is no exception. This innocent looking leaf is high in fiber and anti-oxidants and glucosinolates (which are known to prevent many forms of cancers)

2. It has a high level of chlorophyll, which helps with liver recovery. Hangover salad anyone?

3. Rich in calcium. Perfect for those who suffer from low bone density. It also possess the super vitamin K, which is known to absorb calcium more efficiently in the body and also prevents heart disease.

4. It contains a high level of B vitamins and folate, which are known to protect the brain from aging and decline.

Next time you go out and order a salad, skip the romaine and go right for the good stuff!




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