5 Tips to Grow and Maintain Healthy Hair

 Posted by on May 26, 2013
May 262013


I’ve always envied women with thick, lustrous and voluminous hair, while the gods have decided to curse me with thin, fine, straight black hair. I have tried all types of product to emulate the luscious hair that celebrities have and have failed to find some hair products that work, leading me to flush money down the drain. I’ve had some success with some products, but most of the time, products either weighed my hair down or weakened my hair to the point of thinning scalp. Alas, I was about to give up until I’ve started to do a bit of research. What wasn’t obvious before had now suddenly appeared to me, leaving me feeling stupid. What I was doing wrong was my awful diet! Treat your hair like abs, shown by hard work but made in the kitchen.

When they say that beauty comes from within, they were serious. Like your skin,  so much of it is affected from the inside. From our hormones, our diets, our digestion and our immune system, our skin and hair is a reflection of our inner  health. In order to have glowing skin and healthy mane, we need to work from the inside in order to reap the benefits on the outside.Hair is dead protein that thrives on numerous vitamins and minerals in order to promote growth, maintain strength and of course, natural sheen that is devoid of any aid of artificial products.  So what should you cover in your diet in order to attain beautiful mane? It’s easier than you think! Eat less of junk food (which stresses out the body and your skin) and follow these 5 healthy hair tips:

1. Oil rich food: Think avocados, nuts, olives and natural oils like sesame. Notice how vegetarians and vegans tend to have thick, glossy hair? They live and thrive on these foods!

2. Vegetables: Like mentioned, hair thrives on vitamins and minerals so vegetables are an obvious choice since they are packed with these benefits. Pick green vegetables that are also high in iron, which stimulates hair turnover and renewal.

3. Supplements – vitamins high in omega-3s  and B6 are beneficial in strengthening the outer layer of your hair. Many people swear by Biotin for thicker and longer hair.

4. Scalp Massage – Another way to increase hair growth is to have a healthy scalp. Daily scalp massages can increase blood flow which nourishes the hair follicles and keeps them healthy.

5. Deep Condition Your Hair – You can prevent damage to the hair that you already have by keeping it properly hydrated. I love using natural products like coconut oil, olive oil or shea butter because they work so well.

A healthy diet is not only the crucial element to healthy hair. Even some health fanatics still have limp hair. Stress and hormonal changes can definitely mess up your ambitions to perfect hair. To really curb this is to maintain stress levels through exercise and meditation. Don’t give up on your diet, results don’t come easy but they sure are rewarding! Add diet to exercise, not only are you on your way to healthy body and skin, but also to healthy hair. I say, cheers to that!

How do you maintain your healthy locks?

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