May 242013

Perlier Shower and Body Cream Travel Kit

If you’re like me then you love a good kit, because you receive a variety of products stocked in a neat little package. I enjoy all kinds of kits, especially those of the travel variety! It’s so much easier to pack your beauty products when they’re the right size to tote in your carry on and you don’t have to lug around a huge bottle or tube that’s likely to spill in your luggage.

Well I received the Perlier Shower and Body Cream Travel Kit ($19.95) from iFabbo to sample and review and I have to say that I’m quite pleased. This kit features four different pairs of shower gels and lotions. So you have the option of just taking two bath products or all of them -if picking just one is hard to do. ;)

Here’s what you get in the kit:

  • 1 Clear travel bag
  • 1 oz. Honey Body Balm Mini
  • 1.6 fl. oz. Honey Shower Cream Mini
  • 1.6 fl. oz. Olivarium Bath & Shower Cream Mini
  • 1 fl. oz. Olivarium Body Cream Mini
  • 1 fl. oz. Shea Butter with Citrus Extract Body Balm Mini
  • 1.6 fl. oz. Shea Butter with Citrus Extract Cream Shower Mini
  • 1 fl. oz. White Almond Body Cream Mini
  • 1.6 fl. oz. White Almond Shower Cream Mini

Perlier is a luxurious Italian brand that uses organic ingredients, which I love. I’d have to say that my favorite items in the ket were the Honey Miel and Shea Butter duos.  The Honey Miel is created with 100% certified Italian organic honey and you can easily smell the honey when you open the cap. Honey helps to nourish and moisturize skin naturally so its great for the skin. The Shea Butter duo has 100% certified organic shea butter with notes of lemon, lime and orange; which smells refreshing and very clean. She butter is great for restoring moisture and suppleness to skin.

The Olivarium duo has a herbal scents and uses 100% organic Italian olive oil, the lotion is a bit lighter than I expected. I thought that it would be richer considering that it contains olive oil but it was very light. Olive oil is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, I use it on my skin and hair because it’s so moisturizing. The White Almond duo has a soft Marzipan scent. and is made with pure almond oil, not at all overwhelming. Almond oil is great because its high in Vitamin E which helps to heal skin.

Overall I simply adored the kit because it gives you the option to sample all of the Perlier bath gel and lotions. I think its a great value and very useful for those that travel a lot. The lotions are wonderfully hydrating and the bath gels and fragrant and do not strip the skin on its natural moisture.

And so that you don’t walk away empty handed, Perlier has a special offer just for you! You will receive $5 off any Perlier product purchase at by using the promo code: ifabbo5

Have you tried any Perlier products?

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