May 232013


Can I say OMG?!! It’s a miracle. I recently discovered that organic lip gloss does exist! I was hunting for a nice subtle gloss that was suitable for work, something that had a nice sheen, shade without added stickiness or too much shine to it. I’ve always loved Green Beaver products and I am a fan of their balms (when I feel the need to indulge). Once I saw that they had glosses, I was dying to try one and test out the waters. And I have to say, this stuff IS AMAZING!


Certified organic, this product is loaded with good-for-your lips ingredients like cranberry oil, jojoba and grapefruit oil. The color I chose was rose because I wanted something subtle. It was actually quite too light for my taste, but it really does a great job of moisturizing my lips and leaving a nice shine to it.

The gloss is not sticky  and it is not too shiny where it looks tacky. There is no strong smell to it, and it is a great layer over a light shade of lipstick. I am tempted to try their other colors but they don’t seem to provide good ones for my skin type. I definitely recommend this product for those of you who are eco-savvy and health conscious. This is a rare product that provides the perfection combination that I usually cannot find in store-bought gloss.



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