May 202013


Hurray, it is almost summertime! Seriously, this is my favorite time of year, and being the outdoorsy type, I have an obsession for walking and biking about town. I have to admit I was never the sunscreen on kinda girl because I never burn. I can easily tan but I have never had a sun burn. With that said, I’ve recently become more accustomed to applying sunscreen on my face because the older the I get, the more cautious I have become with my skin. At the same time, I did not want to poison my skin with more unnecessary chemicals found in our sunscreen. So lo and behold, after careful shopping,  I found a plant-based sunscreen that is nourishing for the skin.

A serious plus on Alba products is that they are made without any parabens, artificial colors, mineral oil and other chemical products that are commonly found in your usual drugstore stuff. Also ethically made with no harm done on animals, this was a serious win-win for me.

As for Alba Botanica Facial Suncreen Lotion ($12.99), I am pleasantly surprised with the fact that, despite the high SPF, this product is not heavy or greasy. In face, it was quite light and it did not leave a streaky sheen on my face. Also, scent-free was a huge plus since that last time I used sunscreen (Neutrogena sport), I could not get the smell off my clothes. I say this product is also reasonable priced for its natural ingredients.

So I say, Mr. Sunshine, bring it on!

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  1. Great review! As summer is also fast approaching in my country too, I am glad that you have shared this. I think I will opt for this product as I also like it to be scent-free. Great site!
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  2. I will have to try alba botanica and then report back. I can’t stand greasy sun lotions so this could be perfect.

    And yes bring on Summer!!

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