May 192013

Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet and Tweet - #FitBlogNYC

Thanks to Fitness Magazine, myself and several other health and fitness bloggers were invited to their Meet and Tweet event. The event was held at the beautiful Mercedes Club in New York City. The event was sponsored by Athleta, Camelbak, Crystal Light, Marmot, Reebok, Saucony, Smart Balance, Tonalin and Vichy.

The day started off with an into by Fitness Magazine editor Betty Wong and it only got better from there. The first panel; was Insider Beauty Secret to Get You Glowing, hosted by Fitness Magazine Beauty Director, Heather Muir and Executive Director of Global Artistry at Stila Cosmetics, Sarah Lucerno. This was one of my favorite panels because Sarah not only shared some of her fabulous beauty tips but she also shared a personal story about her cancer recovery and how fitness helped her through it.

Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet and Tweet panel

Sarah share one of her inside secrets that she uses on her clients lick wearing the same color tone on cheeks AND lips. She also suggested that we make sure that our makeup has a purpose: “don’t slap on random makeup”.

Some of the other panels included health tips from Dr. J Ashton and celebrity chef, Rocco Dispirito.

Rocco Dispirito at Fitness Magazine #FITBLOGNYC Meet and Tweet by Fitness Magazine

Rocco Dispirito is a celebrity check and author of “Now Eat This! Italian”. Rocco’s new cookbook recreates healthier versions of popular Italian dishes inspired by a trip to Italy where he learned many tips from Italian “mamas”. There’s even a few vegetarian recipes in there, so I’ll definitely have to pick it up!

For lunch there were many healthy options but not many vegetarian or vegan options, so I opted for the Kale salad and smoothie. Hale to Kale, yum!

Vegan Kale Salad

And my tweets made it to the big screen. Hello!

Tweets from Fitness Magazine Meet & tweet

We also received some lovely gifts from some of the sponsors and I took home two new pairs of sneakers from Saucony and Reebok, thanks guys! These new sneakers will certainly be put to good use. :)

Saucony and Reebok sneakers from Fitness Magazine

I’d have to say that this was absolutely one of my favorite blogger events. The speakers were funny and insightful and I met several bloggers (and found new blogs to read)! At the end of the event I was inspired to continue my 30-day Fitness Challenge and to continue to eat better. I, like many women struggle with working out and eating healthy and this Meet & Tweet gave me the inspiration that I needed to continue to improve my health. Fitness and healthy eating does not have to be a struggle, it can be fun and exciting with the right tools, recipes and motivation. Thank you Fitness Magazine!

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