May 162013


I am probably not the first to admit that back then, when Bonne Belle lip balm were in vogue, I would smother the Dr.Pepper balm all over my mouth to curb my cravings. Yes, I was one of those who ate their lip balm. But now, more older, more wiser, I realize the implications of intentionally and unintentional consumption of your lip product is hazardous to your health, depending on the amount of chemicals that contain in their ingredients. My recent go to has been EOS but lately, I found that it does not retain moisture long and with consistent application, I ran out of the balm in no time So I went on a hunt for a new lip balm that works and has good for you ingredients that is safe to consume (hey, there are times where to do unintentionally lick your lips!).
dr bronner

Low and behold, Dr. Bronner came into my life. I was already a fan of Dr Bronner’s liquid soap in my days in university because a little goes a long way and a bottle lasted me for more than half a year. Upon finding out they made lip balms, I basically jumped for joy and ordered a balm straightaway. Amazing thing about all Dr.Bronner’s products is it is 100% certified organic and vegan. Their ingredients are all natural and free of petrochemicals. So I knew I was in for treat.

The peppermint lip balm has a nice minty feeling and taste to it and it really retained moisture on my lips. Honestly, my lips felt and looked softer and smoother, and no flakiness (unlike my EOS). I say five stars to this product for quality ingredients that we can pronounce and the effects that it delivers!


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