May 132013


Dont you just love ethical companies? One of the great things about buying from the Body Shop is knowing that I supported a product that sustains ethical practices and fair trade exchange. Also cruelty-free! Although I do get nervous around their sales rep (I get hounded in the store by bored employees), when left alone and allowed to peruse, I can honestly say I loiter for at least 30 minutes before I buy a product worthy of my collection. I have never ever tried a body butter because I have been blessed with normal skin. However, since attaining a desk job that required me to send over a hundred letters a day, I needed protection from those pesky paper cuts I have managed to obtained from folding and putting letters in envelopes. I was desperate. I needed a ton of moisture in a compact container. Body Shop delivered with these oh-so-cute containers filled with magical goodness.


I keep this in my desk and it pretty much comes to my rescue any time I have to fold those dang letters. It glides on so smoothly (literally, like butter!) and it does have a faint citrus smell that is not overwhelmingly sour (I’ve had bad grapefruit scented products that went to waste before). It absorbs in my skin quite quickly, leaving a smooth surface on my skin. With ingredients like cocoa and shea butter, I can see why body butters are a popular within my flagship store. ¬†Currently at $15 a pop, it is definitely worth your investment for some guilt-free goodness!

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