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 Posted by on May 8, 2013
May 082013


As a yoga teacher, I love ending class with a bit of massage for my student after a vigorous practice. I have been more inclined to invest a little more money on lotions used specifically for my classes, and well, this was one exception where I love it so much that the very unyogic part of me kept this lotion to myself. Indu lotion holds a special place in my heart because it reminded me of the scents that were used when I first took a Jivamukti yoga class. It was a feeling of warmth and gratitude that always washes over me when I use this lotion.


Let me just tell you right off the bat, this stuff is powerful. Each bottle is handmade by a lady named Marni Task (who is also a Jivamukti teacher) and it is made with all natural ingredients, rooted from essential oils like avocado and jojoba. Think a delicious combinations of ylang ylang, lavender, rose, chamomile and Japanese green tea. This stuff does not only smell good, but is great for the skin and perfect for those who suffer from insomnia since all the scents in this lotion have calming effects.

Unfortunately, the drawbacks of this product is it is not readily available in big retail places (hello, handmade with love?) and it does not come cheap ($20 a bottle) but like I said, it is handmade, wholesome and cruelty free.  It is definitely an indulgence, but an indulgence worth having!

Have you tried Indu Lotion?

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