May 032013

The FREE Gridiron 30 day fitness challenge

Are you trying to get fit for summer? Well I have the PERFECT fitness solution for you! The GridIron 30 Day Fitness Challenge – free online program that challenges hundreds around the nation to live happier, healthier lives. The GridIron Specialists have developed a challenging program to help you kick-start, tone-up, or fine tune your SUMMER BODY. Regardless of your fitness level (Rookie, Starter, or All Star) make it a goal to FINISH everyday. The Purpose is to help you become the best you: physically, mentally and emotionally. If you want results, you’re in the right place.

We kickoff on Monday, May 13th. Here’s some important information that will help you prepare.

Do You Want The Best Results?

I’m sure that may sound like a rhetorical question, but it’s valid, nonetheless. If you want the best results, you must follow the rules. Print (or save) this email for future reference.

This isn’t a fad diet or a quick weight loss scheme, this is the GridIron Workout 30 Day Fitness Challenge. The operative word here is Challenge. This Challenge will help you become the best you, physically, mentally and emotionally, if you make a commitment to stay on the right path. That means you need commit to:

*Completing each work out,

*Finishing the whole 30 DAYS and

*Holding yourself accountable to following the rules.

8 Rules to Getting the Most Out of Your 30 Day Fitness Challenge

1. No Alcohol. Liquor. Beer. Adult beverages. Whatever you want to call it. You must abstain.

2. No fried foods. Yes, that includes Chik-Fil-A, waffle fries and BK onion rings.

3. No fast food. NONE.

4. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water daily.

5. Keep a daily food journal of everything that you eat.

6. Commit to eating clean. Planning your meals and workouts in advance are vital to your success.

7. Salads are OK, but we prefer you plan your meals and don’t make last-minute decisions! And absolutely no crispy chicken on top!

8. We are all one team that is in this together, so take weekly pictures post them on our FACEBOOK PAGE and support your teammates!

For some people, that may be a lot to ask. While we won’t give you a pass, we will give you a little leeway. You get 4 cheat days for the entire Challenge (Don’t be that guy or girl that takes all 4 cheats at once!).

Help spread the word to your friends/family. Make sure they SIGN UP so we can grow this movement from hundreds to thousands worldwide!


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