Facial products: Splurge or Save?

 Posted by on May 2, 2013
May 022013


As one who has an extensive beauty regime ( wash/toner/moisturize twice a day and exfoliate every other day), and an array of day creams, night creams, eye creams, my stock usually finishes two months in. And trust me, upkeep is expensive. I have learned to value my skin but also be smart enough to know when to save on a product and when to splurge. I have some tried and true products that I stick to but I am willing to venture off to new finds. Nevertheless, here is some solid advice on products you should splurge on or simply go simple and save.

Cleansers: SAVE. Think about it, you wash this stuff off! You don’t want to waste money that is literally just going down the drain. I always stuck to Cetaphil, plain, simple, affordable and it does the job of cleaning my skin, day and night.

Toner and astringent: SAVE. Call it the performance to your headliner, toner enhances the effectiveness of your moisturizer by being the extra oomph for great skin. Just remember, toner is used for those with normal to dry skin and astringents are for people with oily skin. Try to go alcohol-free.

Day creams: SAVE. Unless you don’t wash your face twice a day. But you should. I usually go for ones with SPF 15.

Night creams: SPLURGE. Night is usually the time to allow your skin to restore and rejuvenate. Since it has a good amount of time to do that, you should find product that are of great quality for better looking skin.

Just remember, find what works for you, we all have different skin types and concerns. Just remember, do your research, find out about ingredients and don’t be fooled by high-end brand names. The name might lure you, but the product may not live to its hype.


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