Apr 242013


Summer is coming. I relish the joy that the days are becoming longer and much brighter, leaving my mood happy and energized. I wait for the days where I can finally wear my shorts and go outside to absorb all the benefits of vitamin D. Although I am the lucky few who never burn in 30 degree weather, it is best to take precaution and lather myself in sunscreen in order to preserve my youthful skin. Especially when the weather heats up and I walk my way to work, I need something that combines the perfect trifecta of foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen to help me conquer the day. I did a bit of research and based on the budget I was willing to spend, I settled for Aveeno.




My biggest attraction to this was the high SPF level. I prayed that it wouldn’t be greasy like regular sunscreen and would put nice finish to my face. Unfortunately I was wrong. Although I loved the tone it set on my face, the product itself is quite greasy (due to the SPF) and it basically left streak marks on my face. This product could only be completely removed with the use of make up remover, or sweating it out through your walk to work. However, I had better result when I used it after my morning cleanse (sans toner). This product is best used in small doses to accomplish a light, even tone on the skin but I do not feel that this product can adequately protect me from the sun.



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