Apr 212013


I have heard many great reviews regarding the Maybelline Baby Lips line. I mean the appeal of having a tinted lip balm that does not look like streaky lipstick simply just sold me. Unfortunately, I went to my local Wal-Mart and they were out of stock. I waited and forgotten, until I went back on my trip to Asia. Low and behold, while perusing through the local drug mart there, I stumbled upon Baby Lips. Except, it was not the Baby Lips line that looked like packaged lipstick, but rather, like a regular lip balm. And curiously enough, once I came home to good ol’ Canada, I could not find this particular product and their range of colors. So call me lucky that I got this product for cheap, and exclusively in sold around Asia (and I found out, Australia).


Baby LipsHRThis product claims to provide “6-hr hydration and visibly renewed lips”,  and “lips feeling soft and renewed”.  I chose Rose Addict because it was subtle and I thought, perfect for every day use. And I was not mistaken, the color came out a sheer pink, and went well with everything.  

However, I was not happy with the low SPF, since the heat in the Philippines is brutal. But I digress, it is a great product and upon putting it on, it added a nice light color and gloss to it. However, it did not last 6 hours (and is not cruelty-free), but lets just say because I used a lot of my mouth for consumption of water and food, so I will let that slide. The smell is quite pleasant, sweet and fruity and it brought me back to days of Bonne Belle lip balms.

Have you tried Maybelline Baby Lips?

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