Review: Laura Mercier Primer

 Posted by on April 8, 2013
Apr 082013

Laura Mercier Primer

 I have to admit, as an ex-uninformed make up user, I did not consider the necessity of applying primer. I’ve simply went about my date constantly applying mineral foundation on my face, which resulted in dryness of skin and an irritable waste of foundation throughout the day. And, whenever I used liquid foundation, there was a certain amount of dryness that happens within four hours of use and I would eventually just give up and apply moisturizer throughout the day, leaving my face looking streaky and unappealing. My vanity never got the best of me and I gave up wearing make up altogether. In face I only wear make up on special occasions and in every day, I take the term “au naturel” quite literally. Then, under the advice of a friend, primer was introduced and completely changed my life.

s870113-main-heroOk, this is a slight exaggeration  but for someone who had suffered from major foundation problems, this became a miracle. I was lucky that I had a kind friend that had an extra tube of Laura Mercier Foundation Primer because retail price, I know this does not come cheap. But I do admit, it is worth it. This of it as the moisturizer that does not come on too shiny, makes your foundation skin, and make your skin look  glowing and fresh. That sums up the power of primer.

This Laura Mercier primer is filled with vitamin A, C and E which benefits the skin and since the formula is water-based, it was not greasy at all. I used this product under my make up recently for a wedding and my make up lasted me the whole day (make that 12 hours). My skin did not dry out, my foundation did not leak under the Filipino humidity, and the whole time, I look like my face was just freshly applied. So verdict is I am a primer convert, and five stars to Laura Mercier.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer $32, Sephora


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