Springtime engagement ring trends

 Posted by on April 5, 2013
Apr 052013

Springtime engagement ring trends

Spring is the time for everything to come into full bloom. It marks the time when the weather starts to get warmer as the days tend to get much longer, so it’s no surprise that spring also marks the best time to pop the big question.  As with everything, certain seasons determine certain trends so when it comes time to pick the engagement ring, choose something that really encompasses the feel of the spring.

Vintage inspired jewelry is extremely popular this season and this goes for engagement rings and wedding bands as well.  Commonly referred to as Art Deco rings, look for engagement rings that really have that glamorous feel to them and will make her feel like she’s just stepped out of a classic movie.  These rings are typically very outspoken with their settings and designs and are available in geometric patterns as well as organic, making them not only beautiful but also accessible to every woman regardless what her tastes are.

Personalization is quite the rage this spring, particularly when it comes to engagement rings as people more and more want to showcase jewelry that’s as distinctive as their relationships.  Yellow sapphire engagement rings are a great choice this spring as well are colored diamonds, particularly diamonds that have blue or yellow hues to them.  Not only are colored engagement rings relatively rare to find, which makes them increasingly special, but these colors will also go well with the spring aura of the engagement, making them perfect for the occasion.

For women who want to take their distinctiveness one step farther, they’ll be able to take part in the eternity trend that’s hot right now.  Engagement rings that are made out of eternity bands are extremely popular this spring with those women who are looking for something very unique but want something different than the usual stone and setting found in most engagement rings.  The best parts about these are that they’re available in several different styles and create a beautiful subtle appearance that looks quite glamorous.  They also symbolize the eternal love between two people formed at marriage.

The cushion diamond and setting shape is still extremely trendy this spring, but it’s being done with a little bit of a twist this year.  Engagement rings this season that are adorned with the beautiful cushion shape setting will be more than likely seen to have a round cut as it really enhances the beauty of the overall ring and round cut stones and diamonds tend to shine much brighter than those of other cuts.

With it being spring, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the hottest trends in engagement rings this year is all about the floral patterns adorning simple engagement rings.  Not only do these give the aura of spring blooms, but they add a very nice, subtly glamorous feel to any ring that they’re paired with.  The floral stones can be done in a myriad of ways, making them perfect for every woman.

When it comes to buying an engagement ring this spring, it’s important to remember that many of the trends have to do with the fact that it’s spring so think pretty colors and floral designs.  Vintage and glam are also very popular this year and many of them are available in a ton of styles and shapes, making them the best of both worlds for everyone.

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