The growth of women’s business fashion

 Posted by on April 4, 2013
Apr 042013


One of the few fashion areas that are still dominated by men to a certain extent is the area of business fashion. Although things are changing, the business world has for many years been a male dominated area. To a certain extent, this is still reflected in corporate fashion today, with men’s business fashion is a lot more streamlined, providing clear dress codes making the choice of what to wear a lot easier. This may also be the reason why most men feel quite comfortable in a business suit.

But as mentioned, things are changing. With the growing percentage of women having higher positions in corporate environments, women’s fashion is also a rapidly growing market to match the demand. Dress codes for women in the business world are now better defined than they were decades ago. Nowadays there are a large variety of dresses, coats or skirts to choose from, depending on one’s individual style and the dress code that is required for the occasion. No need for humungous 80s shoulder pads to emphasize ‘power fashion’ to show female dominance.

Elegant accessories for the business-woman
To subtly highlight your personality, there are many elegant accessories on the market that work alongside a classy business look. One of those accessories is certainly the use of stylish jewelries or bracelets. Other popular accessories that combine well with the business look and at the same time create a unique sense of style are elegant watches. It is the mix of style, fine craftsmanship and art that make watches such a unique accessory. Watches like Tag Heuer are always a classic and will set an individual touch when dressing up for work or for important business meetings.

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