Fashion Tips For Looking Great This Spring

 Posted by on April 1, 2013
Apr 012013

2013 Spring Fashion Trends

As the weather starts getting warmer and the sun pops out its head earlier and earlier each day, you can’t help but to start planning your spring wardrobe. There’s an unbearable urge to rip out your most colorful, flowery dress and strappy sandals and go for laid-back ambles in the park.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. A few nasty factors can curb your excitement, like unexpected rainy days, unwelcome gusts of wind and that inch or two of flab that you haven’t shaken off after your winter binges.

So, here are a few fashion tips that will give you the chance to flaunt you prettiest flower-print dress and feeling great while doing it:

For those days when the rain just decides to come back and haunt you one more time, strappy sandals aren’t the best idea. Rather opt for a pair of chunky wedges with peak toes. These will survive the puddles and patches of dirty mud while leaving you to show off your colorful nail polish.

On days when the wind is too unpredictable to dare a loose dress, you don’t have to be sad and pull out that overly worn pair of black trousers. Rather have a look at the slim-cut dresses at Brooks Brothers. These still boast refreshing spring colors and patterns, but they don’t have a flare at the bottom that will cause some major embarrassment when that unwanted gust of wind sweeps across the road.

Although some of the days in spring are lovely and warm, the temperature still tends to remain moderate, forcing you back out of that dress you’ve been exited about for so long. Luckily, one of the trends this spring is leather. So pull on a light-colored leather jacket over your floral dress, or take it a step further and invest in a floral print leather jacket. No one will be able to deny the spring in your step.

And finally, one of the biggest issues that girls have with spring – your flab. You haven’t had a chance to work off all those cheesy pastas and warm chocolate drinks and you’re afraid to show any form of skin. But you don’t have to be so bashful! Pick out a dress that is pulled in at the waist and doesn’t fit too tightly around you bum and hips. This will have a slimming effect on your figure.

If you’re happy with what’s going on around your hips but you haven’t done enough push-ups to warrant sleeveless dresses, then go shopping for a dress that has short sleeves. These will hide your upper arms while you’re looking cool and casual in your spring dress.

So now you can finally start getting exited about spring. You also have a fabulous reason to go shopping, so get out there and enjoy the joys of spring!

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