Riding Around NY In Style

 Posted by on March 26, 2013
Mar 262013

Marilyn Monroe riding around in a convertible in style.

To ride in a convertible with the top down is an image of freedom we all recognize. The infamous Marilyn Monroe has helped immortalize this image for many women. There are many black and white photos of her laughing in the wind with her black shades. As for her famous blonde curls, they are not flying with abandon in the wind. Her hair is covered up with a scarf.

Wind and hair unfortunately do not mix. Unless on a photo shoot in fashion.  Dressing up to suit a date in a convertible or for a ride in a shiny limousine can be tricky for women because not all hair types are the same.

For the convertible ride, style your hair back. Ladies with curling hair, it is a great idea to follow Marilyn Monroe’s example by pinning your curls back with poppy bins and keeping it altogether under a nice scarf. Just make sure the scarf matches your outfit, preferably your shoes or purse.

Since it can get chilly, it is better if you stuck with the tailored look. Wear long pants, a nice blouse and matching shawl. But if you happen to be driving around in New York, swap the shawl for a nice tailored jacket. You could wear a pencil skirt but tailored pants are more casual and suit the occasion.

Close-up of woman's high ponytail

If you have long straight hair, then a high pony tail or bun will suit. Just remember that bangs suit a rounder face and fringes suit a heart shaped face. Since both of these hair styles evoke more sophistication then a scarf, you can dress down a bit more. Leave the blazer and go with long sleeved shirts and scoop neck shirts. Striped patterns are very popular at the moment.

If you are either arriving into or leaving NY then consider a JFK limousine service. Limos are the ultimate luxury statement, especially for something as simple as a ride to and from JFK. You can either be dressed fancy for your travels to show off some style or you could hop into a limo in yoga pants and hoodie which might even be even more of a statement.

This flowing and elegant concept also applies to hairstyles. Curly or straight hair left down will compliment the occasion. Pull the two front bits of your hair back and pin it with a nice brooch like hair clip. A braid going along in a side fringe is also stylish. As long as the hair is not as busy looking as your dress, you should be fine and only use accessories to compliment the tiniest specks of color you have in your outfit.

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