Mar 252013

Dressing up your guy for date night tips

How often does your man dress for you?

Is your guy’s steadfast uniform of jeans and a T-shirt so locked in that every pair of jeans and every T-shirt looks like the same outfit? Have you ever wanted to see what his beard would look like after an extended vacation from a razor or run your hands through shaggy hair that’s gone a week or two uncut?

Men tend to find a comfort zone for their “look” and then stay there. Women on the other hand tend to change their hair and clothing styles as often as they change their shoes. Men frequently get to see us look different. Maybe we have forgotten they can look different too? Check out some current trends like urban fashion and other stylistic outlets to experiment with today’s different looks.

Role Reversals

Remember when he asked you to wear that sexy little red dress the last time you went out? He even pointed out which pair of your stilettos he thought would look best with it. You didn’t mind playing it out because you knew that indulging him in this way could enhance the evening. More than likely he was thinking about how great you looked all night and was being very attentive.

Whether you want your man to have a sexy sophisticated look or you want him to get his street swagger on or both; it should be just as OK for you to direct his closet adventures as it is for him to direct yours.

Guys are visual creatures. Women are too so maybe it’s time to flip those roles and show our guys what we find appealing on them for a change. Are you game?

If you’re not sure how to broach the subject with him, check out 4 Tricks to Communicating With Your Husband (or boyfriend) for some helpful communication tips.

Take Stock and Get Him Involved

• If the only difference between each pair of his jeans is whether they are clean or dirty, it’s time to go shopping.

• If the only way you can tell the difference between each pair of his jeans is by where the stains or holes are located, it’s time to go shopping.

• If he has worn jeans and a T-shirt on the last 3 dates you have gone on, it’s time to go shopping.

• If his idea of dressing up means tucking his T-shirt into his jeans, it’s time to go shopping.

In order to make your guy give in to your fashion whims explain to him how much more attractive or sexy you will find him if he plays along. Keep it light, make it a game. Leave him a daring note and turn it into a sexy scavenger hunt and then reward him when he arrives dressed to impress.

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