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Mens fashion trends 2013

Behind every immaculately dressed man is a woman. No one other than us ladies can be a better judge of men’s fashion trends. The rules for dressing up are rather simpler for the men, and this means there is little room for a fashion faux pas on the other side of the fashion world.

Trends We Love

A well-dressed man can be a woman’s best accessory. Here are the top five trends we would love to see on the men this season:


Suit up! If Barney Stinson ever taught a meaningful lesson, then this is the one. Whether you are dressing up for a black tie affair or dressing down for a casual luncheon, you can barely go wrong with it. However, there is a crossing line for suits as well: avoid the shiny suits!

Statement Colors

Everyone loves a pop of color. Statement colors like blue, pink, coral, and red look great when worn properly. The runway for this spring was brimming with color, yet there was no punishable experimentation. Keep away from the unflattering color combinations and patterns.

The Well-Groomed Look

No matter how well you dress, you cannot look dapper without a trip to the hairdresser. The clean shaven look is very much the toast this season, in contrast to the shabby beard look. You are also incomplete without a neat haircut.


Suspenders never go out of style! We spotted some great looks at the spring summer fashion previews and at the Suspender Store. A well put look with a crisp tailored shirt, a pair of straight trousers and suspenders always takes the cake.


The casual look is incomplete without an impressive cardigan. Invest in a luxurious piece that will transform your laid back weekend look to a million dollars; a great cardigan can be a game changer for the whole ensemble.

Trends We Hate

A part of men’s fashion has always been the ultimate enigma for us ladies. We never understand why some men would succumb to fashion trends that make them look downright outrageous. Gentlemen, there is a thin line between your fashion dos and don’ts:


The outcry after the Oscars ceremony was enough to make this point; all those men in neat suits failed to look good because of the beards. The unkempt, bearded look is certainly not the rage this spring season.

Flannels All the Time

Flannel prints look unappealing and boring, and when worn on a daily basis they can become a fashion mistake.

Tank Tops with Inappropriate Slogans

Cheesy sayings printed on a tank top won’t impress a lady. Not only are these tops an embodiment of a fashion crime, they are also indecent and impolite.

Baggy Clothes

If baggy harem pants don’t flatter the women, they look absolutely outrageous on the men. The same goes for loosely fitted t shirts and jeans; they do not look classy. On the other hand, extremely fitted clothes aren’t recommended either.

Low-Cut Necklines

This is definitely one of the biggest fashion disasters to hit the otherwise well-dressed man. Sporting the low-cut necklines with both formal and casual wear is a big no. Even if you’re dressed in a slick suit, a shirt with a low neckline will kill the look.

The experimental men’s wardrobe with an overdose of accessories and funky add-ons has made an exit. The classy and vintage style is back in fashion; ladies love the minimalistic approach, so keep in mind that less is more!


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