Review: Sexy Hair Volumizing Spray

 Posted by on February 28, 2013
Feb 282013

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 Being of Asian descent, I have had the great fortune of inheriting completely straight black hair. I also have the misfortune of inheriting flat, shapeless hair. I have great difficulty in adding a bit of oomph to my relentlessly straight hair, from perming (lasts a week) and overnight braiding (lasts an impressive 6 hours). Alas, I have giving up any means of trying to put a bit of life to my hair and started to explore some volumizing spray just to emulate some sort of form or shape to my otherwise dull hair.


SprayPlayHarder_LargeI have explored various volumizing hairspray, from Garnier to Herbal Essences. Although these brands have delivered promises of long holds (when you have an updo), the volume does not make the cut.  Luckily, my last month’s IPSY bag had allowed me to try out SEXY HAIR and I had hoped that my prayers were answered. I have heard great reviews about SEXY Hair and I had high expectations regarding this product.

Obviously I have followed the usual rules of volumizing hair, they are:

*Use anti-residue shampoo to strip hair of build up from shampoo and conditioning use.  I use Neutrogena anti-residue once a week and it really does the trick.

*Trim hair just slightly to remove unhealthy split ends.

*After shower, I use a bit of mousse and blow dry my hair, using a roller brush and brush from the inside out.

After all this meticulous process, I put on the final ta-da by spraying this liberally all over my hair. I can’t say if it added additional volume, but it definitely held my hair on strong for twelve hours (from my stint outdoors to warming up by the fire side with some friends). It left a nice glossy shine and a healthy look to my hair. I have to say I am lucky to own this product and I would definitely save the rest of my sample for special occasions.


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