Eyeliner: What to Use and When to Use it

 Posted by on February 25, 2013
Feb 252013


I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I don’t do eyeliner for daily use. I have no patience for it and with my monolid eyes, you can see why. Unfortunately, I have to accept the truth that on certain occasions where I want to look hot, the addition of putting on eyeliner is enough to make you look sexy. I’m thinking 60’s kohl eyes hot. So, I’ve done a  bit of shopping and realized that there are  many kinds of eyeliner out there and I don’t know what to use.  Thanks to the magical Internet, I’ve compiled the list of the common 4  and make suggestions with the brands  I love. Let this be a guide, but not the rule.



1. Pencil: One you can use every day. Affordable and it does the work to look casually glam. Nothing too dramatic, just practical, does the job of trying to look good without much effort. Personal favorite and so darn cheap:  e.l.f Miracle Eye liner

2. Liquid:  Pain in the ass if you do not have precision of steel. Liquid eyeliner are great when you want to go bold, but treat it like a calligraphy pen. Without great hand co-ordination, you’re going to have a huge mess in your hand and it is difficult to take it off. Take it from someone with experience with this precarious product. It takes a very delicate touch. On the other hand, I’ve seen friends that have use liquid liners with no problems and awesome results. It really gives your eyes a sharp look. And if done right, it has a flawless finish. Just remember to use a strong make up remover at the end of the night. I emphasis strong because once I’ve used a gentle make up remover to no avail and the next day, I looked like I got punched in the eyes. They recommend:  Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner 

3. Gel Eyeliner: A winner in my eyes (literally and figuratively speaking). Relatively mess free as long as you use a proper brush. It comes in a small pot and the texture is rather thick but pliable. You can do whatever effects you please with this product (think cat eyes and kohl), although I would not suggest it for everyday use.  It can definitely have a similar effect of leaving a strikingly bold dark lines like liquid eyeliner does so long as you have the right  brush.  I love:  Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

4. Kohl: Rarely used unless I go to a 60’s themed party or I feel gothic. Great application if you want the smoky eyes look, and maybe a come hither look when you’re doing a black and white photo. Hey, whatever, floats your boat. I personally like to keep it simple when I go about my day. But it is useful to have  in your bag, cause in life, you never know.  Kohl pencils tend to be thicker since it allows you to slightly smudge yet narrow enough to give you precise lines.  I find on application, you must re-apply every couple of hours since they do not stay on easily. I recommend:  M.A.C Eye Kohl.

Share your favorite eyeliner below!

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