Eye Creams: A Guide before you buy

 Posted by on February 20, 2013
Feb 202013


I’ve been told that skin preservation should start early in life. So here I am, age 24, have been given advice on what type of anti-aging cream I should be shopping for. The fortunate thing is, I am happy to have been given this advice because there is so much truth to it. I have a friend whose mother looks practically ageless, and she told me she has stuck to such a regimented beauty routine since she was in her late teens. Eye creams, as I was told was one of her necessities, and at her age (56), she looks like a young 30 year old. She had me fooled. Taking this advice to heart, I decided to visit my local pharmacy to scope out some eye creams, and well, this particular visit was quite daunting.


So I came home and decided to carefully research what we need to look for in our eye creams before we buy (eye creams are quite an investment!) and here are some ingredients to look for in an effective product:

1. Retinol and Neuropeptides: Both are a major anti-wrinkling ingredient as it increases collagen and elasticity. However, for those of you with sensitive skin should stick to products that contain the latter as the former may be too much.

2. Concealer or Brightener: Something to coat over dark circles along the eyes ( as they are much harder to minimize).

3. Caffeine: To fight puffiness along the eyes. Not to consume, but an important ingredient in your eye cream!

4. Ceramides: To maintain hydration of the skin.

5. Vitamin E: The penultimate ingredients in many anti-aging and moisturizing products. It protects and soothes the skin. Need I say more?

5. Hyarulonic Acid: Just like ceramides, it maintains hydration for the skin and it is great for those travel-savvy ladies on 14 hour flights.



Of course a post like this could not end without some product suggestions to ease your shopping senses, so upon careful reviews, here are my top five picks for best eye creams (based on ingredients and budget) :

1. Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkling Firming Eye Cream ($14)

2. L’oreal Revitalift Triple Power Eye Treatment ($25)

3. Kiehls Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment ($40)

4. Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash ($46)

5. Dr. Hauschka Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream ($52)

Just remember, when shopping for eye cream, pricey does not necessarily mean effective.




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