Spring/Summer Beauty Trends of 2013

 Posted by on February 16, 2013
Feb 162013



With the recent bleak weather conditions (horrendous snowstorms and rain on the following week), its been hard to find some sunny inspirations as of late. As I look forward to spring and summer, I am trying to find some happiness in the form of beauty trends. Low and behold, bright colors, smoky eyes and ombre hair appeared on my computer screen and I am suddenly uplifted and dying to try these 5 awesome trends!

1.  Coral Lipsticks are making a comeback! Not that it should have ever left. Seriously, it may look daunting at first, but once you’ve try some shades pertaining to coral, you will never go back.  I am madly in love with Bobbi Brown’s Rich Color SPF 12 Lipstick in Soft Coral,$24 but you can also try LORAC – Breakthrough Performance Lipstick (It Girl (Coral)), $22 and my usual go to is Lancome Rouge in Love in Corail In Love, $26.  The tip to wearing coral lipstick is to keep it simple when it comes to your make up routine. That means milder blush and foundation, but do go bold with black mascara. Nothing too overwhelming on the face, try a dewy or au-natural look so that your coral lipstick will pop and shine.




2. Pink Hair. Ugh, has anyone seen Helen Mirren’s awesome pink hair at the Baftas? Ya, pink hair is pretty awesome when done right. I dont mean to say that pink hair all over is the latest trend, Im thinking proper pink highlights in the right places. And the right shade, think rosey or peachy pink, and for those of you who are more daring, go wild for some neon or bubblegum pinks.




3. Fresh Face. Like it should ever go out of fashion. But it goes hand in hand with the whole bright lip colors and pink hair. Keep the face clean and simple.



4. EYES . Full on smokey mascara, jewelled lids and extra long lashes. Think 60’s look and an amazing model to look at is Kara Hayward in Wes Anderson’s movie “Moonrise Kingdom“.


5. Turbans. They make a cute accessories for your everyday wear. Very Lucille Ball, sassy, brash and playful. Dont know how to wear/make a turban? Here is a great video that provides 12 head scarf looks.

Which look are you going for this year? Any others you are incline to try that is not on the list? LET US KNOW!!

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