Beauty Food: Mulberries

 Posted by on February 9, 2013
Feb 092013

Mulberry-FruitImportant to Chinese medicine  (since the fruit is commonly found in China and all around Asia)  for its cancer preventing and longevity benefits, mulberries are considered one of the very few superfoods that serves a lot of purpose in healing our bodies. It is a blood tonic ( for those of you with anemia or brittle nails, eat this up!), kidney and liver cleanser, and use as a remedy for gray hair!

In terms of beauty benefits, mulberries have a high content of anti-oxidants and minerals to keep us young, fresh and glowing. It also possess a high level of vitamin C, which not only prevents us from colds and flu, but also counters inflammation of the skin. Mulberry is a good source of protein and it has been claimed that it strengthens hair (mineral content also contributes to healthy hair growth).  It enhances appetite and digestion.



Mulberries can be eaten fresh, although it is hard to find fresh mulberries within North America.  It is commonly found dried and they are quite delicious, bordering sweet and tart with a chewy texture that reminds me of organic gummy bears (less dried than ordinary ones). I generally like to top my oatmeal with a bit of dried mulberries and goji berries for a nutrient dense breakfast. I’ve also eaten them as it, or in homemade granola, and yes if you chop em up, they add great texture to your oatmeal raisin cookie (it also amplifies the nutritional value of your baked treats!).

The use of mulberry leaves are also found in your organic beauty products as well as for tea.  Topical use of mulberry (once infused in olive or coconut oil) are used to treat inflammation or irritation of the skin. In some Chinese saunas, the leaves are included in order to speed the detoxification of skin.  Remember, beauty is inside first, then out, so add these to your diet!


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