Feb 042013

Spa Resort

So, you’ve just treated yourself into an expensive facial, leaving your face all dewy and glowing. And then you go about with the rest of your day, doing the things you normally do, and at night you do your usual evening beauty routine before you go to bed. The next day, you find your face is suddenly back to its dull, normal self. Great, you’ve just wasted an x-number of dollars trying to look good, only to have it last for at most, 24 hours.

Here is the thing, you’ve invested time and money in your facial session. The service itself takes great care in making sure your skin is healthy, clean and glowing once you’ve finish your session. It is a huge investment and the results are magnificent. Which is why your actions after your facial is equally important to extend the life of your results. So, here are some tips to use in order to make those spa facial results last!


1.  Don’t go to the gym: Sweating will just release the benefits of the oils that were just put on you

2. Skip your nightly beauty routine: Do not wash,  tone and moisturize your face on the day you’ve had your facial. As tempting as you want to, your facialist have done your work for the day. Let the products from your facial work its magic overnight.

3. The next day: You must get into your daily routine of gentle cleanse, tone and moisturize. Don’t forget your SPF!

4. Eat right: that means, no caffeine, sugar or alcohol.

5. No bad habits either: cut out the smoking and the sunbathing.

6. Rest up. Sleep is important for overall restoration of skin.

7. Treat yourself to mini-facials each week: Skin care is a continuous upkeep, you can still indulge in a mini-facial without splurging. Just incorporate some massage and use treatment masks on the face to promote blood circulation, providing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Also, facial massage enhances the effectiveness of the treatment product you use.

So here is to happy skin, and happy ladies! Use these tips and your skin will thank you!



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