Beauty Trend: Snail Slime?!

 Posted by on January 29, 2013
Jan 292013


I am all for au natural when it comes to proper beauty products for our skin, but using animal excrement  have we gone too far? My question is why are we in constant need to search for the next best thing when the current products we have are in perfect use? Snail slime is one of those odd beauty trends that is attracting attention for simply being unusual.  However, we have to question whether the facts do back up the claims behind this so-called miracle product and not just hype for being disgusting on its own.

Apparently, snail creams have been popular in Korea for years, along with snake venom serum and now this trend is making its way to the US (not Canada just yet). Consider the function of slime in snails, it is interesting that humans have come to conclude that its material is beneficial for skin care. So, what makes up snail slime and what makes it so special? It is mucus that supposedly has a high level of protein, hyaluronic acid , glycolin acids and elastin. The mucous protects the snail from being dried up during their trek on dry terrains and also preserves them during hibernation.


Although these components are aptly sound and serves well in beauty products for  their anti-aging and healing properties, these ingredients are present in many other sources such as food and within our own bodies. Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence to back up snail slime as a primary agent for miraculous results.  I am not trying to dissuade anyone from trying this out. In fact, I am curious to try out snail cream, a small sample would suffice. But my point with, as with any strange new trend that features an unusual animal product, do you research and don’t buy into the hype.  Find what works for you and stick with it.


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