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It’s the height of flu season and it seems that everybody is obsessively washing their hands these days. And I am among this crowd. Not only do I wash my hands as soon as I walk in the door but I also wash my hands throughout the day when I see clients, so my hands can get very dry. I’ve been using (seed) Therapeutic Hand Scrub and (seed) Healthy Hand Cream, they are a hand care duo designed to treat and nourish the driest skin.

(seed) Therapeutic Hand Scrub

The (seed) Therapeutic Hand Scrub, $9.99 is a natural and cruelty free option if you’re in the market for a therapeutic hand scrub. This formula uses Apricot and Grape seeds to exfoliate hands while moisturizing in a creamy base made with coconut oil, shea butter, aloe and other oils and natural ingredients. The tiny exfoliating seeds do a nice job of polishing dull skin and they wash away quite easily. This is a nice at-home treatment for anyone that works with their hands and has to wash their hands a bit. Some hand soaps can be drying and this scrub does not strip away oils from the skin but rather leaves the skin smooth, soft and hydrated.

(seed) healthy hand therapy cream

The (seed) Healthy Hand cream is the next step in this treatment and it gives a nice lavender aromatherapy boost that  has the right about of fragrance without being over the top. Just like the scrub this lotion contains grape seed oil and coconut oil to provide deep hydration. This concentrated hand cream is light but still does an excellent job of hydrating skin. It absorbs almost instantly upon contact and does not leave any sticky or greasy residue behind. Love!

Have you tried (seed) Therapeutic Hand Scrub and (seed) Healthy Hand Cream?

Disclosure: The products featured in this review were provided for editorial consideration. Receipt of this product did not guarantee review and all opinions are my own.

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