Chic holiday beauty looks from Napoleon Perdis

 Posted by on December 13, 2012
Dec 132012

Holidays are always a great time to play with bold and fun looks. Everyone is in a festive mood and what better time to get a little festive with your beauty routine. Here are a few tips from Napoleon Perdis to get your beauty routine shiny and sparkly!


It’s hard to resist the urge to sparkle from head to toe when the holiday season is in full swing. Glitter seems to have lost its gleam in recent years, but there’s a trick to pulling it off: keep it appropriate and keep it simple! The glitter should be the focus of your look – wear it as a liner or feathered across the eyelid. Team with a soft flush on the apples or gentle contour and a creamy, soft lip but keep the rest of your makeup relatively shine free. If you’re lacking the confidence to wear glitter then keep it to one focus area – and give your eye a little time to adjust before you decide whether you’ll dump it or own it.

Application Tips: Dailytellysydney1

1. Keep glitter in place well into afterhours (and avoid sparkle fallout) by mixing powder textures with a bonding agent like Napoleon Perdis Cake Eyeliner Sealer.

2. When applying glitter, keep clear tape handy for any stray product that falls onto the face. Simply tap a strip onto the area where glitter has fallen to remove wayward shimmer.

3. To add extra sparkle or create a multi-dimensional glitter look like the one pictured, mix two different colored glitters together for a bespoke shade.

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Color is back in a big way, and for the holidays that can mean pairing a berry stained lip with a sultry smoky eye.  Be mindful of texture to keep the look sophisticated: the smoky eye/ bold lip double act looks more chic if it’s matte. Full-on lipstick can appear too heavy-handed, so use a stain or blot lips for a more muted effect.

The other key to this look is a flawless, velvety complexion. The look for this holiday season is about luxe glamour – and you always want your base to look expensive! Formulations that have a semi-matte finish like Sheer Genius Liquid Foundation are ideal because you want your foundation finish to be velvety and look more luxurious than a ‘dewy’ finish. Semi-matte foundations are a safe bet for those with oily complexions and even drier skins. Anything with an overly luminous finish can wind up looking oily or shiny on the wrong complexion, which throws off this sophisticated look completely.

Application Tips: Dailytellysydney1

1. Most people tend to focus on one feature that they usually like to play up — either the eyes or the lips. For this look, start with the application of what you DON’T normally play up so that you can adjust to balance and suit the rest of the look.      

2. To avoid an  overly gothic look with this dark eye, dark lip combination, bring out your bronzer in the winter months. You want to keep it subtle, so something with a little bit of radiance softens the look.

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